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I generate a lot of paper, because I'm a newspaper junkie and print at least 2000 pages of A4 every month, but have to chuck it all in a bin. This is because Croydon still doesn't provide recycling facilities for apartment blocks, but only for individual houses. Is it that foolish to think that if a council has a recycling policy it would make sense to start with flats - a guaranteed quick kill - rather than individual houses? Also, I don't have a car and the nearest possible recycling point is at least a 15 minute walk away with no public transport point to point. Both the good guys and the lot who lost in May had promised to extend recycling to flats, but as yet nothing.

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Blogger Ellee Seymour said... 5:20 pm

This is one of my specialised subjects. Yes, this is one of the major problems for local authorities. I think a chute system should be installed on different floors. And of course, each apartment block should have their own recycling facilities like you find at supermarkets. It should be made as easy as possible. Keep hassling your local authority about it.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:41 pm

Every once in a while I ponder on freeing one of the enormous wheelie bins and trundling it down to below my window so I can just drop things from the window.

Still, we are better off here than in parts of the continent where you will be fined for not sorting rubbish. Things are especially bad in France where there are collective bins covering dozen or so households in rural areas, and it strikes me as a bit raw that the old and infirm may very well have to make comparatively long walks in order to avoid falling foul of the bin police.  

Anonymous Verity said... 7:28 pm

Before you start disgarding your 2,000 pages generated by yourself in a communal chute, be sure to buy a shredder. There are people who make a very good living going through disgarded papers.  

Anonymous Verity said... 7:30 pm

Here's another tip, only tangentially related, but well worth passing on. When you receive your new credit card, never sign the back of it. Your signature can be copied.

Instead, print: Photo ID required.

This way, if your card is stolen it will be useless to the thief.  

Blogger barbara worth said... 9:01 pm

2000 pages! Blimey, William, are you writing ten Mills and Boon bodice rippers a month or something?

Ellee: what aspect of recycling do you specialise in?

On a tangentially related topic, my main client has introduced a paperless office. Every piece of paper which comes in is scanned, then the original is either archived or destroyed (depending on how important it was). This means that everytime we look at a document we print it out then once we have finished with it, we send it for shredding and recycling. However, the unintended consequence is that the same documents get printed out over and over, so I think the whole thing is probably much less economically and environmentally sound than the old system ...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:08 pm


Good point about shredding. Most of what I generate is not even remotely of interest / value to anyone unless they are interested in old newspaper items And I'll bear in mind your tip, for which thanks.

Reminds me of what happened when the Iranians seized the US embassy in Tehran in '78(?):the Americans did some very serious cross shredding but volunteers sat down and re-assembled the shredded pages, finding, inter alia, a list of all the people on the CIA payroll in the country. Now US policy is to crossshred and burn, I think.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:12 pm

Barbara, nope noting as exciting as that - it is the print outs I need for work. While I could rig up a second monitor etc etc, I find it a lot easier to speed read paper than from a screen. Also I get paid printing costs, and what they pay is a lot more than it costs me..... Hey, they volunteered a fee, and then I found ways to cut costs - toner from ebay, duplexing etc etc.

Your client's paperless office business sounds like nonsense on stilts, doesn't it?  

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