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The Dersh speaks

The Christian Science Monitor has a contributed item by Alan Dershowitz on events in the Middle East, and shall we say he is not exactly pulling his punches...

Noting that Hizbollah has apologised to the Israeli Arabs killed by their rockets, and Nasrallah deeming them martyrs, Dersh comments: "The so-called Arab-Israeli conflict represents the first instance since the Holocaust that Jews, as Jews, are being specifically targeted by an international organization that seeks recognition as a legitimate power. Hizbullah has threatened to attack Jewish targets outside of Israel as well. And they have proved their willingness to do so, as evidenced by their attack on a Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, in 1994, in which they collaborated with Argentine neo-Nazis to murder many Jews, including children".

The whole item is well worth reading. Dershowitz is much in demand on the Jewish speakers circuit, and if my narks are correct, he always finishes off by saying 'Don't marry out', as in don't marry a non-Jew.


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Blogger phone cam foolery said... 12:37 pm

Dershowitz is a Judeo Fascist, he also advocates torture, all very odd coming from the man who got OJ simpson of a murder charge.
On a different topic, if you would like to see a photo of one of the red cross ambulances strafed by the gallant me of the IAF I would be happy to oblige, it is a very clearly marked as a red cross vehicle, in fact the missile went straight through the middle of the cross.
Wake up William these people are not our friends, just because you enjoy socialising with a few individuals dont let that cloud your judgement.  

Anonymous rigger mortice said... 12:57 pm

PCF have a go at the IDF by all means.It doesn't stop Israel having a right to self defence.

When we bombed Cologne in WW2 we killed a lot of kids and women too.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:01 pm

PCF - I seem to recall his comments on torture were quite nuanced, and if memory serves were restricted to areas where he deemed torture necessary in order to save lives. Think of it as being like the scene in Dirty Harry where Eastwood beats up a kidnapper in order to get him to reveal where he has hidden a victim who has a limited oxygen supply. I would have to read up on it properly in order to give a more profound assessment.

I quite believe you have the photo, so need to send it. It is worth bearing in mind that in high speed warfare there is a lot of collateral damage - look what happenned to British troops in Gulf War I. This, I would stress, does not mean that I either condone or excuse it.  

Blogger phone cam foolery said... 1:34 pm

C have you read that letter issued by the saudi govt that threatens war with Israel?
they issued it this afternoon and are telling dubya as much in a meeting today.

On the lookalikes front I have been accused of looking like paul young/bryan ferry and a couple of years ago peter kay by some chortling pensioner in a car park, i prefer the first two comparisons.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:50 pm

PCF - I haven't seen that as yet, no. I would read it as sabre rattling / PR stunt by the Sauds, as they are keen to get on the Israel-bashing bandwagon, and fear the idea of Iran becoming the de facto leader of the Islamic world. Plus they have their own Shi'ites thay would want to keep the lid on.

While the Saudi military is a rather more serious proposition than that of Lebanon, and has some combat experience (Gulf War I) and half way modern equipment, I imagine Israel would regard a declaration of war by them as a less than terrifying prospect.  

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