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Some nonsense for a Wednesday afternoon

A while back I was pointed to a site that matches photos to celebrity lookalikes - Link here and decided I'd waste some time by trying out some pics of noted bloggers.

Guido, as is only fitting, gets no match at all.

Iain Dale's banner pic brings up Steven Segal, Michael Howard, Mark 'Take That' Owen and Danny Devito.

No match for Cranmer either.....

As for me, sans hand in the way I come up as John Major, Tom Berenger and Steve McQueen (I like that one) when wearing glasses, or without glasses Ryuchi Sakamoto, Robert De Niro or P Diddy. Erm.....

Anyway, it is an entertaining enough way to while away the time. You have to register, but they haven't spammed me as yet.


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Blogger Cranmer said... 5:45 pm

Cranmer is relieved there is no match for him. Should anyone else on the planet have to endure this beard in this heat, I should feel obliged to pray for his trial and tribulation.

Your comments on Purgatory were quite correct, and Cranmer has explained...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:00 pm

I thought you might find that gratifying. Sorry the facial hair is proving a trial at the moment.

I noted your comments at young master Fawkes' place and felt sufficently chastened for not having calcualted your reasoning that I left it at that.  

Blogger Hello I'm Johnny Cash said... 7:54 pm

Cranmer I have a match for you,
the two guitarists from ZZ top  

Blogger Cranmer said... 10:37 pm

Ummm... the two guitarists from ZZ top...

Please forgive the lack of immediate name recognition, but I have not been around for quite some time. Could you please provide a link to said lookalikes?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:15 pm

They are strolling minstrels, lutenists of sorts. And noted for being somewhat hirsute.

Link here.  

Blogger Andrew Kennedy said... 11:27 pm

Well, the good news - I matched with Matt LeBlanc, DH Lawrence and Keanu Reeves.

also...... Tom Jones, James Coburn and Gabriele Sabatini !

I suppose it all comes down to the quality of the light and the quantity of the Jack Daniels.

In the words of Arnold Bekoff, "A thing of beauty is a vision, at least until sunrise".  

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