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Now I really have heard and seen it all

Some years back I thought I could lay claim to having seen and heard it all when I encountered Taoist rappers out on the streets of Boulder, Colorado. Yes, really.

However, this doesn't just take the biscuit, but the biscuit shelf, the factory and the fields the grain was grown in. Stand back for jaws going through the floor as Tony Blair takes self-deceit to an as yet unknown dimension:

"I think I used to be very much in the bracket of those who say "the nanny state" - it is not for the state to tell us what to do," he told the BBC's Mark Easton".

Context here

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Anonymous ajh said... 11:54 pm

So why stand for the Labour party in the first place? Especially under Michael Foot in 1983, who TB so touchingly wrote to as a barrister pointing out where MT was going wrong. (Everywhere I suppose.)  

Anonymous rigger mortice said... 12:03 am

thanks for finding that nugget.I used to get shocked at the blokes level of delusion but no more.

I fear the planet he is living on is getting further away from us  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:06 am

Shades of that quip about Blair always believing whatever he says to be true at the time.  

Blogger Hello I'm Johnny Cash said... 12:19 pm

He just i'snt well is he?

The fact that this deluded buffon holds the same Office as Churchill is beyond belief.  

Anonymous Riuychi Sakamoto said... 8:21 pm

He's delusional and he's a fantasist and that has been obvious since he first pranced onto the national stage bursting with self-regard and the wonder of being Tony Blair.

By the way, did you know his nickname at Fettes was Emily? I believe his nickname in his barristers' chambers was Miranda. And then we shouldn't forget that when he first got elected, he was known as Bambi.  

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