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The Left in nostalgia mode

The Guardian has given over space to historian Tristram Hunt for an extended whinge about the lack of memorials, statues etc for various failed leftist causes over the centuries. The writer doesn't seem to have cottoned on to the fact that it is the winners who not only write the record, they also put up the statues. My prize for the dimmest comment is this: "As historian Dan Plesch has asked: "Why not a London Dungeon of the democratic past?". Erm, the London Dungeon is a business, and in it to make money.

With the Left are so far into the crying into their pints stage over the current administration, maybe they should club together and see if they can't get a museum filled with relics of their causes du jour. Don't fancy your chances folks, but then again I expect they want us all to pay for plaques at Greenham Common and the like. A Red Plaques scheme, anyone?


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Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 8:23 am

'causes du jour',imagine the possibilities

1 clare short and the campaign against page 3.there probably isn't enough concrete for her arse and definitely not for her ego.

2 my particular treasure would be a statue to the failed attempt to stop the introduction of student loans in the 1990s.We could then have another one for the labour victory on uni fees..Side by side.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:51 am

And we are off to a cracking start. Thanks Rigger.

I'd like one for Kinnock's 'well awright' speech at the '92 Sheffield rally  

Blogger phone cam foolery said... 11:02 am

I urinated of the grave of Karl Marx last year, is that the kind of thing they want?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:07 am

The nation could certainly do with more public lavatories....  

Blogger phone cam foolery said... 12:37 pm

How about these as monumental bronzes commemorating the triumphs of the left..

Michael Foot waving his walking stick

Neil Kinnock taking a dive into the sewage at Blackpool

Tony Benn shovelling billions of pounds away on concord

Jim callaghan stood on a huge pile of rubbish and unburied corpses

And best of all Tony, on a column in the middle of horseguards, gilded and winged, hands in a prayerful a pose looking heavenwards to celebrate the triumph that is Iraq ( plus all his other f*** ups )  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:48 pm

I'm beginning to warm to this idea....  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 1:36 pm

pcf,some carckers there particularly anyone with Tone looking prayerful.

wouldserve as a warining against blind faith in leaders for a long time  

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