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Racially motivated rose pruning...

There's a rather curious story in the local paper about an Asian family that thinks some rather aggressive pruning of their roses might be racially motivated. Details here.

In precis, they are the only Asian family living in an 'upmarket' estate in Epsom, and have noticed that someone appears to have taken secateurs to the roses in their front garden and took the tale to the Met's finest: "A police spokesman confirmed they were treating the case as a racially aggravated "hate" crime, although officers are liaising with Horton Park rangers to see if the roses could have been eaten by deer".

While I sympathise with the Bahl family, and recognise that this must be unpleasant for them, I can't help but wonder how much police time would be spent on the affair if they did not suspect a racial angle

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Blogger phone cam foolery said... 4:02 pm

I really must install a rubber pad on my desk, the number of times each day I feel an urgent need to bang my head on it is giving me concussion.  

Anonymous Verity said... 7:39 pm

The report doesn't say what kind of Asians they are. If they're Hindu, I would be astonished if they weren't welcome in any neighbourhood they chose to live in. Law abiding, achieving, disciplined, children do well at school.

If they're Sikhs, the same qualities apply.

If they're Muslim, maybe the neighbours have a point. Who knows?

But it's important that we know, because this is being gleefully, joyfully categorised as a "race" crime and if the family is Muslim, Islam isn't a race. This is how the British police tries to skew the truth.

This doesn't excuse people vandalising these people's garden, obviously, but I have a feeling this vandalism is not based on race and should not be so categorised.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:06 pm

The names sound Hindu to me, but I could well be wrong.  

Anonymous Verity said... 8:27 pm

Well, it didn't sound Hindu to me. It seems to be Central Asian. So I think these people are probably Muslims.

If that is the case, the police are lying to the British public again. They recategorising offences on the hoof.

I think most people would be rather pleased if an Indian family moved in to their street.

On the basis of nothing but these people's name, and gut feeling - the way the police were to quick to label it a "racial crime" tells me this family is from a favoured victim group.

If these people are Muslims, the police are lying.  

Blogger phone cam foolery said... 10:11 pm

Verity, do you have a boyfriend/husband ?
I'm not auditioning, just curious.  

Anonymous rigger mortice said... 4:40 pm

PCF you are a tart?  

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Blogger Croydonian said... 9:00 pm

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:12 pm

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