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Surprise, surprise - the SWP has called a demo.

Mooching around my list of websites bookmarked under 'loonies', I see the SWP has a demonstration planned for the 22nd, with the following laundry list of demands:

"Hands of Lebanon, Freedom for Palestine, Don't attack Syria, Don't Attack Iran".

What about North Korea? Lil' Kim Il Sung must feel horribly left out. And I'm sure the IDF will take heed of their call.

Meanwhile, this post-it note sloganeering also suggests they might add 'Call your mother', 'Don't forget a pint of semi-skimmed' and 'Fancy a pint later?'.

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Anonymous rigger mortice said... 6:56 pm

that would be apt  

Anonymous ajh said... 11:22 pm

The only well known supporter they seem to have who has actually stood for election is Mark Steel.

Im sure he'd turn that line into a funny piece in the Indy and say how important the march is. For him and 12 others presumably.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:47 pm

I always loved that crack of Alexei Sayle's about having sold out and lurking at the back of demos selling the TV Times....

On a more serious note, Respect is basically a front organisation for the SWP, allied with the, erm, Islamic tendency and Galloway's ego.  

Anonymous ajh said... 8:30 pm

Yes, you're right. Steel speaks at Respect demos and referred to them in QT debate he was on in rather glowing terms.

The Socialist Worker follow GG around, sells more copies than the Respect paper which is a blatant cpoy.

Cant be worse than the UKIP/BNP/DUP superparty that has apparently been discussed, to be called the British Independence and Democracy Party (see Iain Dale).  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:37 pm

Re the UKIP/BNP/DUP idea, I can only imagine it came about because someone slipped them all rather a lot of psychedelic drugs. Total, total insanity....  

Anonymous ajh said... 9:23 pm

Yes, mainly because it would seem Nigel Farage would take over this new party. Im sure Nick Griffin is delighted with that plan. Presumably he'll demand to be Chancellor or Foreign Sec. Cant even bear to think about NI office...  

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