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Roy Hattersley makes another of his periodic pleas for attention

Sky.com carries one of the old bore's pleas for attention, not that it describes it as such. The vehicle this time is his calling on Blair to stand down ahead of conference. Face it Roy, Blair hardly needs advice from a not so much has-been as a never was like you. I cannot imagine that there is anyone, anywhere interested in his opinions, and certainly none who will be influenced by them. Now why don't you go away and leave us alone, and stop polluting The Spectator while you are at it.

Wikipedia also notes that he has a criminal record.


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Anonymous Verity said... 6:44 pm

Couldn't you just tell us? I'm not reading through all that crap about a complete nonentity.

On second thoughts, who cares?  

Anonymous rigger mortice said... 11:46 pm

I read through it for the titbit.Sometimes Croydonian,you must remember there are people like myself who don't read as quick as you.

While I don't like has beens,never weres,never was's,it's enjoyable watching the buffoons act as if people care.

HIGNFY got him down to a tee  

Blogger Lobster Blogster said... 12:32 am

I notice that the esteemed Mr Hattersley says "The problem is that mud sticks".

It seems like a very straight forward problem which could be solved by changing his washing powder.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:41 am

OK Verity - twist (or don't twist) my arm.

Here's a lift from the Grundian:

"Lord Hattersley also described Chancellor Gordon Brown as the "ideal" candidate to take over as left-wing MP John McDonnell embarked on his rival leadership bid.

"The Prime Minister ought not to announce he's going at party conference - he ought to go at party conference," the Labour peer told GMTV's Sunday Programme.

He said Mr Blair should point to Labour's achievements over the last nine years.

"Then he should say but the time has come to pass the torch on to somebody else and thank the party for what they've done," he added.

"If we did that I think he'd go out on a high note in the party, I think that'll ripple out through the country.

"The longer he stays on the more damaging it is for him as well as the party in my view."  

Anonymous Verity said... 3:16 am

Thanks, Croydonian. Roy Hattersly is blindingly insane.

A. His advice is advice as sophisticated as that of a seven-year-old child. (Not to offend very bright seven-year-old children!)

B. Pointing to Labour's "achievements" is a suicide note. There have been no achievements. That is a major part of the problem. Every single thing that Tony's tenth rate people have attempted to do has crashed and burned.

"Then he should say but the time has come to pass the torch on to somebody else and thank the party for what they've done," added the lord of trite, pedestrian, unbelievable bullshit.

"If we did that I think he'd go out on a high note in the party, I think that'll ripple out through the country." Yes, as millions flushed their loos to drown out those squirty high notes.  

Blogger phone cam foolery said... 11:36 am

Rigger indeed they did, However, spitting image did him better, a big blubbery, drooling buffon.

I have to confess I read the daily mail these days, (cant be bothered with the telegraph anymore except saturdays so I can sneer at charles Moore) and I can honestly say I have never read a word that lump has written for the mail, he has the cheek to write twee stories about how great this country he has done when he has had such a hand in attempting to destroy it.
I hope his dog dies.  

Anonymous rigger mortice said... 3:30 pm

PCF you're a bastard,dread to think of the damage you may have done to some young ladies hearts over the years.

I read the mail too-don't read that fast.....quite what the 'tub o' lard' ever offered the readership I don't know.Same with Amanda Platell

You know you're reading the right rag when that Diane Abbott woman sneers at it.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:35 pm

I've long assumed that right wing papers always have a token lefty just to annoy the readership (and vice versa).

Alternatively, it might be a scheme to make sure that their readers have blood pressure functioning at full tilt. Thougtful, eh?  

Anonymous rigger mortice said... 4:27 pm

croydonain,you really do educate and elevate sometimes.

never thought of that angle.I remember reading that Howard sterns (shock jock) most avid listeners were the ones who hated him.

the tub o' lard though has never got me going at all.Thats what happens when you're irrelevant,now if they gave tessa jowell or pat hewiit a column things would change.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:28 pm

RM - kind of you to say so.

I guess Polly T and YA-B would be the key figures for right wing papers to hire, and I imagine Simon Heffer would go down a storm in the Guardian and likewise Roger Scruton in the Mirror.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:00 pm

And here's an absolute classic of the type:

The Guardian running an item by Newt Gingrich. Yes, really.  

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