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What's what in the French papers

Well, they are not paying very much attention to Perfidious Albion today, which is unfortunate as a French take on Levy had the potential to be interesting. Meanwhile, every time I see Labour Party translated as 'parti travailliste' I'm mildly amused.

Liberation has some opinion poll figures on Chirac, noting: "
With ten months of his term left by 47% to 43% the French judge that his two presidencies will have been "good for France". Right wingers, who have rather tended to turn their backs on him since the rise of Nicolas Sarkozy, are grateful: 65 % of them consider the Chirac Elysee years "useful". More surprisingly, among socialist sympathizers he obtained a respectable 39 % approval rating.

It is rather worrying that 1 in 10 Gauls cannot summon an opinion as to whether their president has been good or bad.....


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Blogger phone cam foolery said... 12:40 pm

It is rather worrying that 1 in 10 Gauls cannot summon an opinion as to whether their president has been good or bad....."

croydonian that reminds me of an episode of Top Gear( yes I know I am lowering the tone)
A member of the public was asked for his sage like opinion concerning the aesthetics of a controversial looking new Ford, his reply was "well you either like it or you don't"
To which Clarkson replied
"what do you think?"
sage.."I cant make my mind up"
One of the permanently "dont knows", I always wondered who they were, and here was one in the flesh.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:08 pm

Dear lord - and they let these people, drive, vote have shotgun licenses etc?

Lowering the tone a lot further, there was a polls on the News of the World site the other week - something like 'will Rooney be fit for the next round?', with yes, no and don't know as options. About 5% had clicked on the latter. I do wonder what kind of pond life thinks it is worth self-selecting themselves for a poll only to choose 'don't know'.  

Blogger phone cam foolery said... 2:19 pm

I have a better example

it was a tv phone in, you had to ring in (premium rate) and vote on an issue
and yes
people actually picked up the phone and dialled (and paid) to say
"I dont know"
And reading the News Of The World website is also my guilty secret, that and admiring Peter Hitchens.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:25 pm

PCF - thank you for that. It has taken quite some time to get over my hysterics sufficiently to type a reply.

Meanwhile, a rather apposite quote from Frank Zappa:

"Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say that there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that is the basic building block of the universe.”  

Anonymous rigger mortice said... 2:59 pm

not as worrying as the eight in ten who thinks Bliar is a .....!

Spell it how you will.  

Blogger phone cam foolery said... 3:25 pm

That may be Mr Zappas take on things, but Im not sure. (+:  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:14 am

Not sure about Zappa's cosmology etc, but that quip is always good for a laugh.

I'm on the yougov panel (hey - 50 pence for doing a survey is 50 pence), and oh how I strain every sinew to avoid ever answering 'don't know' to anything asked as I've always regarded 'don't knows' as being at about the same intellectual level as mould.  

Blogger phone cam foolery said... 12:24 am

Croydonain, 50p?
You are indeed a cheap date,
I look forward to the day people pay me not to give them my opinion.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:35 am

PCF - yeah, I think that is the current rate. I don't do the dull surveys at that price, but I'll do the 'pure' political ones as I'd do them for nada anyway. So, yup, I'm cheap...

All getting a bit raucous over at our friend Cranmer's place, isn't it?  

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