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Fines for discarding cigarette butts in the street

The local rag has a story about a woman fined £50 for throwing a fag end out of a car window.

I will freely accept that a cigarette butt is as much litter as a discarded soft drink can etc, but it does strike me that targetting drivers (number plates do make it /so/ much easier...) ahead of pedestrians is more than a little gutless. There are areas of London that have post mounted ashtrays and in Richmond the litter bins have ashtrays built into the lids. I have heard it suggested that smokers should carry their own ash, erm, boxes(?), but this strikes me as a little impractical. Mind you, an ex girlfriend once told me that smoking in the street was 'common'. Although I might add it was good enough for our greatest Prime Minister....

Anyway, any practical thoughts on dealing with cigarette (or in my case cigarillo) butts which are not likely to start fires and do not involve a blanket ban on smoking?


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Anonymous ajh said... 5:55 pm

I think the ashtry/disposal things on the top of the bins are the best measure as you suggest.

Local authorities in Canada all have them (where I used to live) where smoking is still popular despite a ban on smoking indoors in the same way Ireland and Scotland have since.

Its mainly a question of civic pride on the whole though (I seem to have swung wildly from left to right here). The street wouldnt be full of fag ends and gum if people livng there gave a damn surely?  

Blogger phone cam foolery said... 5:55 pm

didnt know you were a Harold Wilson fan?
I agree with her being fined, spitting is another thing that needs to clamped down on.
Until I moved to London I had never seen a man spit in the street let alone women.  

Blogger Lobster Blogster said... 6:01 pm

I notice the lady in question asks "Can't they put their resources to better use?" when in fact them seem to have only spent out on a second class stamp and got £50 back in the post from her. Plus all that free publicity for their campaign...  

Blogger Lobster Blogster said... 6:01 pm

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:09 pm

AJH - very true.

If I'm far away from an ashtray I tend to shred the cigar butt so it is biodegradable / blow away-able.

PCF - yet another 'laugh out loud' at that one.

I think littering is back on the increase after a comparative decline in the '70s because of the 'Keep Britain Tidy' campaign, and while bins are part of the solution, people choosing not to behave like savages is also part of it. Incidentally, there is splendidly public spirited woman in these parts who does her own street rubbish patrol.

Incidentally (here goes with another sidetrack), I'm always intrigued by the story told by the notes on chewing gum wrappers - 'Keep Britain Tidy' in English, 'Keep Your Town Clean' in French, and 'Keep the Environment Clean' (I think) in German.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:20 pm

Lobster Blogster - good point.

Meanwhile, I can't resist throwing this in:

"Why should a lobster be any more ridiculous than a dog…or any other animal that one chooses to take for a walk? I have a liking for lobsters. They are peaceful, serious creatures. They know the secrets of the sea, they don’t bark, and they don’t gnaw upon one’s monadic privacy like dogs do. And Goethe had an aversion to dogs, and he wasn’t mad".
—Gérard de Nerval, justifying his walking a lobster on a lead in the gardens of the Palais Royal  

Blogger Andrew Kennedy said... 6:31 pm

Practice your aim and flick the smouldering butt into the pocket of a passing "Hoodie". As you live in Croydon you will never be short of targets.

This suggestion might also stop all those Croydon Chavs coming into respectable Banstead on a Saturday night and keeping the Surrey Bourgeoisie awake.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:37 pm

Andrew - now there's a thought.

Trouble is, they are sporting t-shirts /football shirts rather than full hoodie regalia at the moment.  

Blogger Andrew Kennedy said... 6:38 pm

BHS polyester burns so much faster!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:22 pm


Yup, this town is awash with walking fire hazards.....  

Anonymous rigger mortice said... 8:04 pm

I agree with burning chavs.DC's got it all wrong you hug old ladies and happy slap hoodies  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:10 pm

Only fair to offer up ChavTown's write up on Croydon...

Readers of a nervous disposition will be relieved to know that the Blue Orchid has since shut.  

Anonymous ajh said... 9:03 pm

It cant be worse than Leeds. All the little old ladies have been scared away by the hoodies.

It may have something to do with the students as well. You can recognise them by their ripped jeans and preppy t shirts.

Not sure which group I dislike the most (not little old ladies obviously, except when they talk to you standing at the bus stop).  

Anonymous Verity said... 12:25 am

I see that she was fined, but who apprehended her? A police officer?
A jobsworth from the local council?

If a police officer, obviously, having read that violent crime has gone up over 25% since Blair slithered in and that prison sentences are shorter than ever, I would endorse the obvious response: Is England so peaceful and law-abiding that the police have to find ways to keep themselves busy?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:36 am

It was a council bod who spotted the offence, took a note of the registration and arranged for a notice of a fine to be sent to her.

If you want a tale of police uselessness, read Andrew's horror story here. And then try to hold back the rage.  

Anonymous Verity said... 2:54 am

Another reason I got out of Britain.

Here's what I posted on your link:

Elected police chiefs, Croydonian - d'accord. They work in the United States. They work to please the electorate, not shadowy - or media-hungry - political masters. The electorate not happy? Police chief loses job in next election.

It's a no brainer.

Cross-posting this on Croydonian's site.  

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