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Grim news

Bridget Prentice (who looks as though she is being electrocuted), Labour's 'Democracy' Minister is forecasting the end of election nights as we know them because of planned improvements in checks on the validity of voter registration. Given the rather dubious stories about postal voting of late, I find it hard to believe that Labour could possibly be sincere in wishing to clamp down on electoral fraud, although if they are, that is all well and good. I find it hard to credit that it would not be possible to deliver a results within 24 hours of the end of voting, and the idea of a 2 day lag between voting and counting is way beyond being acceptable - apart from anything else, if the polls showed a landslide for an opposition party, what credibility would a 2 day caretaker administration have in dealing with a domestic or international crisis?

Being a dreadful wonk I love election nights (well maybe I didn't in '97), and would be extraordinarily peeved if I was robbed of that ritual.


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Anonymous Verity said... 2:36 pm

Hmmm - she does look like an older Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein ... What, pray tell, is a democracy minister? Is that like a truth minister or a minister for national happiness? Britain has had 1200 years of democracy and I don't think we need lessons from the ignoratti of the socialist party.

Does this strike you as a wee bit schoolma'armish, not to say patronising: "Mrs Prentice said: "The swingometer may have to have a decent night's sleep and be fresh and bright on Friday afternoon." ??? See how kind the minister is! Putting it in language we can all understand and relate to!

She also says - so we know it's true - that electoral fraud in Britain is very low. Well, it was very low until the socialists slithered in. Let's face it: Jack Straw would not be in office without massive fraudulent postal voting of Muslims - most of them not citizens of Britain and not eligible to vote.

The office of minister for democracy should be axed and Ms Prentice electrocuted, as she has the face for it.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:59 pm

Ms Prentice is 'an avid cat lover', apparently, and appears to be yet another one of those Vicar of Bray types who has switched from being a Tribunite to being a careerist.

Still, at least the good people of Croydon had the sense not to elect her in '87. She holds the seat that I hope James Cleverly will take next time.  

Blogger phone cam foolery said... 4:32 pm

mr croydonian
you may care to look into some of the scandal concerning electronic voting in the USA, no doubt this friend of the bush's technology is heading our way.


Anonymous Verity said... 4:37 pm

Hmmm ... socialists usually go in for obedience to the rules, meaning if they like animals at all, it's dogs.

Anyway, the Brits cannot allow this to go forward as obviously, Labour wants time to diddle the numbers if they lose. There is not a hair's breadth of distance between Tony Blair, the Blairina and his thugs, and Robert Mugabe and his Paris-shopping, money-mad wife and their thugs.

Sound harsh? Tell me the difference. They're even confiscating people's legally owned houses now, if they're vacant for six months - with the intention of putting Labour voters into them.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:41 pm

PCF - feel free to call me C or William. You are beginning to sound like our friend the Archbishop.

I'm vaguely aware of the possible problems with electronic voting as I have a mate who is American, in IT and a Democrat, and he launches into a speech about this every once in a while. Mind you, there are plenty of stories of dodgy practice involving mecahnical voting machines on the other side of the pond too.

I'm all in favour of a cross in the box in a poling booth and votes being counted by hand in a public place.  

Anonymous rigger mortice said... 4:42 pm

postal voting should be banned as in close elections such as locals it is possible to inffluence the results.maybe in euro or referendums only.

election night is fantastic watching the BBC trying to pretend that the BNP haven't done well and that any tory uplift is down to labour voters staying at home.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:13 pm

I wouldn't go quite that far Rigger, but the old system whereby you had to give a good reason for wanting a postal vote seemed to ensure that things ran smoothly.

It is worth bearing in mind that the folk most likely to vote are middle aged or older folk, who are more likely to have reasons of infirmity than younger voters.  

Blogger Praguetory said... 8:46 pm

Levy looks likes his struggling with a device too.

I think that election results should come out asap. We don't want uncounted voting slips hanging around for any long than it takes to count them.

It is interesting/v unfortunate that the two "wrong" results at the May elections were both (later overturned) BNP gains.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:32 am

As a footnote to this, there was a piece in the Telegraph about this that noted that some people like to fill in postal votes and then drop them off at the polling station. Erm, why?  

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