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The DPRK's satellite

China Daily has got its mitts on the DPRK's communique on the matter, in advance of it going up on the KCNA's site.

In among the usual guff, is this bit:

"It is sending to the earth the melodies of the immortal revolutionary paeans 'Song of General Kim Il-sung' and 'Song of General Kim Jong-il' and measured information at 470 MHz. By the use of the satellite the relay communications is now underway by UHF frequency band".

And I have tracked down the lyrics for both:


Changbai Hills roll, stained with blood
Yalu River meanders, soaked in blood
Today Free Chosŏn(Joseon)'s wreath of glories
Radiates holy rays


Vast snowy fields of Manchuria please tell me
Endless night deep in the Taiga please tell me
Immortal guerilla warrior, who is he?
Outstanding patriot, who is it?


Liberator of the working people, our saviour
Democratic new Chosŏn(Joseon), great Sun
We rally around the 20 Principles
Everywhere in North Korea is spring


Oh- Our brilliant and beloved General
Oh- Our exalted leader General Kim Il-sung


  1. Mt. Paektu reaches across
    To shape our beautiful land.
    Cheers resound all over the land,
    Hailing our dear General.
    He's the leader of the people,
    Carrying forward the Sun's cause.
    Long live, long live, General Kim Jong Il.

  2. All blossoms on this earth
    Tell of his love, broad and warm.
    Blue East and West Seas sing
    His exploits in their song.
    He is the artist of great joy,
    Glorifying the garden of Juche.
    Long live, long live, General Kim Jong Il.

  3. Socialist cause he defends
    With iron will and courage.
    He raises national honour
    Far and wide throughout the world.
    He is the champion of justice,
    Standing for independence.
    Long live, long live, General Kim Jong Il.

(NB - 'Kim Jong Il' appears in a larger font in the original, which is more than faintly comic).

And what is more, youtube videos:

A virtual pat on the back to anyone who sits through both.

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Blogger Mr Eugenides said... 3:32 pm

One wonders what the aliens intercepting the transmissions would have made of them - if, you know, the satellite was really "transmitting data" as Our Friends In The North claim...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:27 pm

I can't help thinking that 'the sounds of earth' disc sent up with Voyager has a rather better selection of music - it has 'Johnny B.Goode' on it for starters.  

Anonymous Paul Sorene said... 10:54 am

How long before it broadcasts Gary Glitter tunes?

(Why not stick a link to Anorak on your website, Croydonian..?)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:01 am

As in 'Leader of the Gang'.

Link will be forthcoming.  

Blogger Ingrid Koehler said... 11:20 am

Oh dear, couldn't quite manage both. The second one was particularly jarring.

Disappointed there wasn't actual video footage of some of those stadium shows - the one thing the North Korean regime seems to be excel at.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:04 pm

Ingrid - they do show up on Youtube. Well choreographed, certainly, but anything that turns human beings into objects gives me the heeby jeebies. Same with the old BA 'face' and Halifax adverts.  

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