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Headline o' the day

From the Copenhagen Post, via Greenlandic daily Sermitsiaq:

Absolutely, you would not want to find yourself face to face with the business end of a narwhal's tusk.

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Blogger ScotsToryB said... 5:54 pm

Adopting a Greenie, Swampieish huggertree outlook, he sighs and meditates on Sea Kittens with tusks.

He was and did, writ lots more but stopped, erased and now finds himself looking up and to the right with a sappy smile on his face.

Sea Kittens: mmmmmmmmm!


Horny Sea Kittens...?  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 8:14 am

OT, but I have finally come up with the DECC logo story  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:22 am

Good work Mr D. Didn't my February report rate a mention?  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 5:20 pm

I am justly rebuked, Mr C, and hasten to rectify  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:34 pm

Always keen on a bit of linky love, as it is known in the trade. Cheers.  

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