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Like father, like son?

Or is it a call for cannibalism?:

"[Hillary] Benn urged people to "buy more British and eat more British".

Soylent green all round, eh?

Facetiousness and slightly selective editing aside, this -

"Benn added: "I want British agriculture to produce as much food as possible. No ifs, no buts. "We could produce more fruit and vegetables here in the UK - the market is there, so what's holding us back? "If there's demand then production should follow. So the answer is to buy more British and eat more British."

- sounds an awful lot like a clarion call for a return to an exciting 70s siege economy.

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Blogger Old BE said... 4:18 pm

It will become a necessity as other nations stop accepting our currency - we import 50% of our food from abroad.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:52 pm

Soylent Green? Rounding up known Tory voters and having them turned into tasty snacks for chavs might be the only plausible way Labour could win the next election.

Don't give them ideas!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:59 pm

Wasn't there some slight kerfuffle a few years ago when it was noticed that the MoD was buying most of its rations from abroad to feed British troops?

Physician, heal thyself.

That'll be 'Joined Up Government' then?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:59 pm

BE - Yeah, all hail the GBP - the Gordon Brown Peso. Enjoy bananas etc while you can.

Geoff -I wouldn't put it past them, frankly. Time to haul out some old clothes and cultivate some shabby chic,maybe.  

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