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Kim Jong Il visits a chicken farm

In his latest adventure, the beige-clad Dear Leader has been to the Sariwon Chicken Farm and has given a pep talk:

"Noting that its employees have brought a new turn in breeding chickens through brisk technical innovation movement and in high revolutionary spirit of self-reliance, thus steadily boosting production, he gave appreciation of the efforts made by them devoting their wisdom and enthusiasm for the people. He said that the officials, workers and technicians of the farm should provide the people with more chickens and eggs by sincerely performing their duties as faithful servants of the people as required by the slogan "Serve the People!"

Doubtless the Bearded d'Uccles, Rhode Island Reds and Leghorns will respond by delivering double yolkers.

There is, however, more:

"After watching a bedroom, a mess hall, subsidiary food store, a kitchen and other supply service facilities of the boarding house, he expressed great satisfaction at the fact that the members of the youth work-team are keeping their workplace clean and leading their life in a revolutionary and optimistic manner by following the example of the People's Army".

Not sure I would be entirely comfortable about being watched while in bed by KIJ, frankly.

Meanwhile, the Central Zoo sounds rather more like Battersea Dogs Home:

"88 dogs of 24 species for admiration have been lived the zoo since January this year to please the visitors".

And in a long awaited development, the Workers' Party of Korea Publishing House and the Mansudae Art Studio have released next year's farming posters:

""Let us all turn out to push ahead with farming preparations for new year!" and "Let's apply much more manure of quality!" Vividly depicted in the posters are working people devoting themselves to making vast cooperative fields fertile, tractors carrying manure to fields and trucks running toward socialist countryside with farming materials on board.

I wish I was making this up, I really do.

Furthermore, the DPRK's bureaucrats would appear to have game:

"The 7th Basketball Tournament of Officials of National Institutions took place at the gymnasium of Kim Il Sung University. The tournament was held on league and knockout match basis by officials of ministries and national institutions. Winners in the men's event divided into four groups were teams of the Ministry of Railways, the Ministry of Extractive Industries, the Grand People's Study House and the Rakwon Guidance Bureau. The team of the Kyonghung Guidance Bureau came first in the women's event".

I'm sure I could do with both Rakwon and Kyonghung guidance.

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Blogger Nick Drew said... 11:40 am

if you could make it up, C, you'd be doing something quite different for a living

how Gordon Brown must envy the system where people can be required to do things by referring them to a slogan

when I was an officer cadet, we had a Sergeant Major who would "express great satisfaction" at the fact that we were keeping our workplace clean

but he also had some choice "expressions" in reserve for deployment when we slipped up in this regard  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:34 pm

FYI - double yolk eggs are not a good thing. They come from older chickens that are nearing the end of their laying life.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:47 pm

That's me told.  

Blogger Bruce Fleming said... 1:43 pm

The blog archive should show that Volume 25 of the Collected Works of Kim Il Sung contains a definitive treatise on the subject of poultry farming. A synopsis will follow soon.

I am sorry to report that imperialist bellicose forces at Tiresias's place of business have blocked Google-hosted blogs (Guido and LFAT survive - for now).

Indeed it goes a great deal further. Only last week, I tried to go to the Bagpuss website to do homage to the shade of Oliver Postgate, only to receive the dusty answer:

"Category filtered: Non-standard Religions, Occult and Folklore."

Unluckily, if the traitorous clique of Lee Myung Bak think they can halt the juggernaut of the Juche idea with a bit of ham-fisted web censorship, then they have another think coming and indeed would be well advised to behave themselves.

Until later....  

Blogger James Higham said... 2:10 pm

They think differently over there.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:44 am

T - Yes, I recall you noting the Great Leader's interest in poultry, but in my rush to wrap up the post failed to locate the reference. Details are eagerly awaited.

Sorry to hear that the reactionary and bellicose forces of corporate imperialism are making access a trial.

Great Bagpuss tale, by the way.  

Blogger ScotsToryB said... 12:08 pm

The headline on the feed did the job. I knew this would be a superior post.

Since then I really have tried to stay away but it is so absurd I have to reread it to get the true depth of the insanity.

I've been trying to do other work but the laughter just keeps bubbling up...


Blogger Croydonian said... 12:51 pm

STB - Glad I've been of service. There's more on the way soon....  

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