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Chris Bryant failing to walk it like he talks it. Dismally

From yesterday's Hansard:

"Chris Bryant (Rhondda) (Lab): What steps he plans to take to consult the public on a British statement of values. [150197]

The Minister of State, Ministry of Justice (Mr. Michael Wills): In the coming months, we will be starting a series of consultations, using a range of formats, to involve the British people in the formulation of the statement and to give them a decisive role in the process.

Chris Bryant: I warmly welcome the Minister to his new post, and his appointment is long overdue. Recent opinion polls suggest that the British public think that the most important British values are a sense of fair play, a respect for minorities and the belief that everyone has the right to say precisely what they think. But has my hon. Friend watched “Little Britain” recently? Does he believe that one of the most important British values is our ability to laugh at ourselves?

This, let us recall, is the man who goes to quite extraordinary efforts to prevent websites showing that photograph of him in his underpants, used to promote his charms on a gay contact site. And showed a major sense of humour failure over the Guardian publishing a spoof diary in his name. Which they had to apologise for.... Guido has had some fun at Bryant's expense too.

Meanwhile, isn't making a statement of values the kind of half-witted idea a failing board comes up with when a company is on the skids and desperately casting around for a way to look modern? Doubtless Bryant wants a rebranding of the nation as TUK, a new flag, and almost certainly a mission statement.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:35 pm

I have thought since about 1997 that it was compulsory for every single person, company and organisation to have a Vision, a Charter, and a Mission Statement. Everywhere you go these notices of intent are plastered up all over walls and in corridors. I wonder how many people take the slightest bit of notice of them after the first two days? happily I a free of all that tosh nowadays and my Mission Statement is now entirely private!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:36 pm

Happily I am free... Sticky fingers.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:44 pm

Maybe this blog needs a mission statement. Something like 'Writing about whatever I fancy, whenever I fancy' perhaps.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 1:51 pm

"To convey my passion for Croydon and enable meaningful surburbancentric discourse on the world wide web"  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:51 pm

Not bad, The Hitch, but you missed a vital bit out:

"To convey my passion for Croydon and its rich multiplicity of ethnicities and religions - especially one really important one - and the vibrant court systems, including extra-legal sharia and gar courts, that bind thos communities together in mutual hostility, surburbancentric discourse on the world wide web.

I agree that it needs some work.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 3:25 pm

Hands up, I missed out "vibrant"
and "inclusive" and the words fair or fairness.

"working towards" or "building upon" are also favourites of the mission statement industry  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:47 pm

The Hitch - We both tripped up by missing out "community leaders" - or "elders", in fact!  

Blogger Old BE said... 7:44 pm

'Writing about whatever I fancy, whenever I fancy'

Bit decadent, don't you think?  

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