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EU bits and bobs

Firstly, the liberation of our marines and sailors by the Tehran regime must be assured as the EU, showing a fine command of the niceties of military nomenclature has demanded the "immediate release of the 15 British soldiers arrested yesterday" Source.

Elsewhere, a novel piece of interpretation by the Croats of the machinations of the EU: "The fact that enlargement is not mentioned in the declaration which EU leaders will adopt in Berlin on Sunday on the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome is excellent news for Croatia because it is understood that Croatia is the EU's 28th member, Prime Minister Ivo Sanader said in Berlin on Saturday". Source

Oh aye.

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Blogger The Hitch said... 1:50 am

no doubt the french or the fucking germans will be first in the queue to rescue them.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:01 am

Well, they would be, The Hitch, but it's probably lunchtime and there's the ortalans and the knackworst to tackle.

Too bad Maggie's not at the helm of Britain, although I recognise that she is aging and no one stays strong forever, but why has no strong person come up since then? Why is it member of the Bullingdon Club David Cameron, who has the same air of self-regard and privilege that Tony Blair has? Worse, even - a more elevated level entirely - is speaking from aloft, for normal British Conservatives?

There's going to be a programme on Channel 4 on Monday, by Peter Hitchens, on David Cameron. I won't be able to get it because I've never had XP installed, but it pretty much takes the lid off Cameron.

Iain, no one is ever going to vote for this cowardly twit,with his A-lists and women's lists and [outdated term] ethnic minorities lists and the windmill on his roof which was ineptly installed in the wrong place ... People just don't like him.

They think, and they are correct, he doesn't understand the middle classes and what used to be called the working class - but now,rightly, means employed people who have aspirations.

Haven't you noticed? This man is tone deaf. He doesn't get it because he doesn't know what to say to relate to most people in Britain. He wastes time and money taking a plane to Norway to pose next to a sled - obviously not his sled as this will be a foreign object to him -and two dogs whose language he does not speak - Norwegian - and who he would thus be unable to give orders to. Working dogs respond to orders. Duh. Ask Tessa Jowell.

The man's a fool. Do he and his cadre of privileged individuals think the British people don't recognise that they have no connection with the British people? At all?

He hawked that kid around newsfeatures editors for months. Now he's taken a jet to fly for 90 miles, using this same kid as an excuse. What a lovely father.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 9:54 am

Hobsons choice though verity. I have the odd misgiving about mr DC ( but will wait till I meet him this week to see him in person at least); but the other choice is the great destructor Broon.

Emigration to Canada or Aus rises in appeal when I think of working for 3 years until this monster.

I hope that when DC is more comfortable in his lead and more established that he will loosen up and start promoting conservatism. I know labour supporters mistakenly thought the same about Blair; but what choice is there?

We can't get rid of Cameron he is the most popular leader we have had since Thatcher.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:36 pm

I agree, CU. But I despair. It's not only that he is as lightweight as thistledown, but he honestly does not know what it is like to worry about interest rates on a mortgage going up. Or local rates go up. Or to worry about getting one's children into a decent school if one can't afford to go private. What worries me is, he has a total blind spot about all the things that are the bedrock of everyday life to most people.

William Hague and David Davis know. Cameron doesn't. He can't relate, any more than I can relate to what the worries of an Inuit family may be.  

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