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A government not of laws but of men, pt 348

Yes, it is the EU again. José Manuel Durão Barroso, for whom none of us voted, is presuming to lecture the newly formed coalition ruling the Netherlands that "it has the responsibility to present a good solution" after the no vote on the EU constitution. NO, they do not. Not very good at democracy or the rule of law, is he?

Do not read the next paragraph if you are eating, have just eaten or are otherwise of a sensitive disposition. (And if that don't fetch 'em, I don't know Arkansaw).

In a rare outbreak of sense from our own Prime Minister, he has said this "The evening of the French result, I remember being in Italy with friends, and someone saying, in despair at the vote: 'What's wrong with them?', meaning those who voted 'no'. I said, 'I'm afraid the question is: 'What's wrong with us?', meaning 'us' the collective political leadership of Europe".

Meanwhile, I missed this 2001 gem from Giscard on the constitution framers, and offer it up for your derision: "[your countrymen will one day] build statues of you on horseback in the villages you all come from" .

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Blogger Serf said... 9:45 am

An the villagers will throw tomatoes at them.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:06 am

We are back to the 'patriotic peasants of Northern Ireland' again!

Us townies can easily forget how strong is the culture of esprit de cloche in Europe...  

Blogger Newmania said... 10:24 am

No no you guive the gimp Blair to much credit. By the phrase "Whats wrong with us" he implies that the institution is reformable.

If it coulda bin , it woulda bin.

Please don`t praise Blair without warning C you made me spit out my kit kat  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:28 am

N - My sincere apologies for spoiling your breakfast. I've done the same to Verity on a number of occasions too. I should be more careful.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 12:01 pm

N 10.24 am - this is a very unclutured hour to be feasting on a kit kat. Gentlemen take chocolate only after lunch. I don't think I can vote for you as London Mayor anymore.  

Blogger Stan Bull said... 1:04 pm

If statues are to be built, then ones dedicated to the Blessed Margaret would be far more in order.Any seconders?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:23 pm

I'd only had my first cup of tea when I read the Blair comment. It is cruel to upset people before their systems have been fuelled with Marmite. It upsets the balance of the morning.

I agree with Newmania - Blair was suggesting that the institution was reformable, if only they could put their finger on what it was that was irking the voters. Then they could pretend to fix it.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:41 pm

Please accept my apologies.  

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