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French political virals and so on

Le Monde has collected up virals for and against Sego and Sarko, and some of them are really quite good.

Desirs de vent takes of Sego's Desirs d'avenir, and includes some of her 'wisdom': "The European Constitution is very beautiful", and "the people I love most in the world are my baby and Francois Mitterand". And plenty more of the same sort. It does say that one of the quotes is made up, and I would hope for the sake of her husband it is the Mitterand quote.

The 'Vrai Sarko' comes from the Left:

And the 'Vraie Segolene' from the right

And one kind soul has created a Sego funky speech generator.....
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Blogger James Higham said... 1:44 pm

You're right into this stuff, aren't you, Mr. C? Keep it up please.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:16 pm

James - yup, guilty as charged. I most cetainly will, and thanks for the encouragement.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:30 pm


Thanks for these interesting videos. It seems that Sarkozy will become the next French president. What will he do differently in your view? Fairly, I don't have a clue and suspect that not very much will change.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:28 pm

If the best the French right can come up with is a few unfortunate gaffes - Sego has to take this round of the battle.

Sarko is portrayed as a 'zero tolerance', French George Bush, who has presided over a rise in unprecedented police brutality. The images of innocent people getting beaten surely speak a lot louder than a comedian impersonating someone else and luring their victim into saying something (admittedly) very stupid?

Cracking videos nevertheless... but am i alone in hating the music dubbed over the top? It's bad enough trying to decipher some of the faster phrases, let alone with a rolling bass line pumping!

Whether it's Sarko or Sego who gets it, i doubt a lot will fundamentally change. The French can be a stubborn lot and imo, although they enjoy laughing at the political elite in Paris, they generally just get on with life without trifling little things like the law getting in their way!  

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