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What the government does with our money.

Sends partisan films to schools.

"The powerful Al Gore film "An Inconvenient Truth" will form part of a pack on climate change sent to every secondary school in England, Environment Secretary David Miliband and Education Secretary Alan Johnson announced today"...."The DVD will go to 3,385 secondary schools in England. It will be part of a Sustainable Schools year of action to support all schools to become models of sustainable best practice. Other tools and support being produced include teacher resource packs, a pupil "detective kit", guidance for bursars and governors and a new Teaching award".

Climate change is hardly an uncontroversial topic, and I have, to say the least, misgivings about the government boosting an ideological ally, even if Gore is not directly profiting from the venture. Screenings for the unfortunate bairns of Edinburgh were bad enough, but this tips over into full blown outrage.

Milliband clearly has not read Popper's'The Logic of Scientific Discovery', as he avers "The debate over the science of climate change is well and truly over, as demonstrated by the publication of today's report by the IPCC".

No, it is NOT: "Popper argued that science should adopt a methodology based on falsification, because no number of experiments can ever prove a theory, but a single experiment can contradict one. Thus, theories should be accepted as scientific only if they show the essential characteristic of falsifiability". More on falsifiability here.

And with that, I'm out for the rest of the day.

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Blogger Newmania said... 1:47 pm

Yes c but its a lot more debateable than just in a theoretical sense and the predictions of doom from the past have resolutely refused to come through . Much of that film is highly questionable and to send it into schools at out expense is astonishing .

We have always thought it was menat to replace religion and David Cameron made the connection socially explicit when he said that the old cohering societal agreeemnts had to be replaced .
This i can stomach buit this new religion seems to include tax rises and micro contral at every turn.

Did I see this in the Papers ? Might have done ES last night ?  

Anonymous verity said... 2:59 pm

The Spanish is back! This is the only blog that this happens on! Geoff, if you are reading this, can you tell me what your suggestion of yesterday was going to be?

Newmania, yes, of course, microcontrol is the aim of all repressive regimes. How long before Labour - if they're still in government, which they will not be - introduces an emissions Staazi to enter people's homes and check out their carbon usage?  

Blogger Newmania said... 3:52 pm

Gosh my spelling , sorry I’m so busy at the moment ( Oiling the sordid wheels of trade).

I was having quite an interesting chat on "My feeble/ occasional". Blog Verity and it was about how people were poor and did not own property in the 30s to 50s and yet their attitude to crime and illegitimacy was quite different. This was in the context of proposing the extension of property owning as an answer to sink estates. A good counter point and I was thinking about the vast cultural changes that have taken place since that time

It struck me that David Cameron said that it was part of the Conservative agenda to restore shared social values and responsibilities and only in that context could you reduce taxation and remove micro control .I don’t agree that this is role the state should be trying to play myself . To some extent, however, it used to be the churches domain and there is little chance of taking us back into that mental world . There us a clear attempt to use Green-ery to replace the social responsibility that was lost at the time of the 60s and this is part of the appeal to Prince Charles and his ilk.. This green film is like RE
I `m floundering a little but what I `m trying to get at is quite why the idea is so attractive to young phogey Tories. Remember the welfare state also was. It is obvious why a state centraliser would like it .Naturally I detest the Socialist use of it to raise taxes but an effort to actively seek shared values is not such a bad thing . David Cameron has been very careful to disassociate himself from statist tax raising greenery. I am not such an individualist that I think what I do has no affect on others

Perhaps in the right hands inventing a benign enemy we can all do our bit against is not such a cynical thing to do and I believe there probably is a “manageable “phenomena underneath it all.

I would much rather cohere around our real enemies myself .I know who they are .

Rambling aren`t I….sigh.

I won`t try that again  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 9:51 pm

Fuck what they do with our money Will, what they dont do is claim to be going for a piss then leg it out of the pub door.
You lightweight (+:  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 10:26 pm

Hitchens you were clearly so inebirated you forgot it was you who did that!

As for this nonesense. What strikes me is how much of this sort of litter gets sent to schools. Remember the creationsit / ID vidoes of last week.

Do you think the teachers will have time to teach maths and writing in between the polotical indoctrination sessions?  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 10:37 pm

This comment has been removed by the author.  

Anonymous verity said... 11:25 pm

I hope Croydonian won't mind my mentioning that there is an excellent thread on this topic over on Iain's. Just under 100 comments, some from lefty moonbats, obviously, but a lot of clear-headed observations. Commenter 2br02b gives an absolutely masterly scientific refutation of "global warming" (which was, 30 years ago, "global cooling and the new ice age"). (BTW, remember in the 70s when we were told there was only enough oil left in the world for 10 more years? There are actually enough proven reserves in the world to last for 150 years, long before which we will have ditched gasoline.)

And who the hell is non-scientist Al Gore to be assuming the mantle of Universal Know-It-All of climate change? He couldn't even get the hanging chads sorted out. Man with a major grudge against global electoral unfairness.  

Anonymous Diogenes said... 11:44 pm

If a scientist said "I have an enormous computer and I am now going to tell you the winner of next year's Grand National" everyone would laugh at him.

Does anyone think global climate is simpler that a horse racing.  

Anonymous verity said... 1:03 am

Diogenes - What an interesting post!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:31 am

I had not realised that ID had posted on it at about the same time. I suppose we look at the same websites....  

Anonymous verity said... 3:04 pm

Needless to say, a prime mover in the programme to close down all human progress is the UN, made up of ne'er do well countries that resent not getting a bigger free slice of the pie.


Someone called Dr Susan Solomon (give a person a doctorate and a Jewish name. Result: immediate credibility; no need to specify what her discipline is) has a fine line in apocolyptic pronouncements, including that southern Spain will become too hot for human habitation, the oceans will rise 17" (due to those melting ice caps - ça va sans dire) and Dr Solomon pronounces, "We can be very confident that the net effect of human activity since 1750 has been one of warming."

The entire Third World's going to be flooded - so is East Anglia,for some quirky reason. This will cause mass migration, although not, presumably, to East Anglia. Or perhaps she meant mass migration from East Anglia.

David Milliband, needless to say, is in the thick of it, claiming this report is a call to action. ""We need to ensure countries like the United States and in the end China and India also play their part," he said.

Erm ... and how are you going to do that, Dave? By my reckoning, that's close to 3bn people you are intending to order around. Do you think this is wise?  

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