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Sego vs Fabius vs DSK - Round 2

The French Socialist presidential hopefuls were at it again last night.

The big issue of the night was Sego's citizen juries, which would cast an eye over what elected officials get up to. DSK and Fabius don't like the idea at all. Fabius called it "a form of populism coming straight from the extreme right", and DSK reckoned them "bad for democracy". (Minor footnote - prefacing anything with 'espèce de' in French is extremely negative. Being a 'so and so' is nowhere near as bad as being an 'espece de so and so'). Sego suggested the citizen juries could start off with looking at the equivalent of the retail price index because of the "dishonesty of the official word on the cost of living".

Elsewhere, they all liked gay marriage, and Sego averred that "the socialist project is not at all the same thing as [Mao's] Little Red Book" and Fabius reckoned "the vast majority of people elected are doing a magnificent job". So much for the findings on public trust on honesty etc I weas blogging about the other day. Meanwhile, a soundbite from Fabius, which he must have been itching to drop into the conversation: "The right is pro-family, the left is pro-family and supports them".

Summing it up, Sego looks to be setting the agenda, is the least left wing of the three and is way ahead in the polls. I'll keep an eye out for the polling verdict on last night's debate.
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Blogger The Daily Pundit said... 9:51 am

Is Le Pen still knocking about?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:00 am

Yup, the old thug is still around and likely to have another tilt at the job next year.  

Blogger Stan Bull said... 10:10 am

But it should Be JM's last shot at the presidency before he hands over to his daughter, LePen the younger.

Why did Sego feel obliged to raise the spectre of Mao when discusing Socialism???  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 10:27 am

lacking in knowledge of french politics as I am; I am stunned by the level of actual socialist drivel they seem to come out with. France is a capitalist country isn't it? They have a system of property rights and means of economic exchange via the euro?

Their ludicrous statements suggest they see another parellel world.

No wonder my new neighbours are a young french couple. They hate my dog already and have got sniffy about parking so I am guessing they must be from some chippy place like Lyon.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:57 am

Apparently Le Pen senior and junior do not get on, and she fancies ditching the thugs and toning down the rehetoric in pursuit of power. One should always bear in mind that all French political parties, with the possible exception of the Socialists, are essentially ego projections / fan clubs rather than collections of people sharing historic principles.

As to Mao, I don't think any of them are intent on the Cultural Revolution a la francaise, although they still haven't had their 'Clause 4' moment, and are happy to go into coalitions with the extreme left. Bear in mind they were still nationalising things in the 80s.

Some of my best friends are French, but even the economic exiles in these parts sometimes don't seem to get that the reason they can get better jobs here than back home is because of the dirigisme and over regulation inherent in the French system. Mind you, it is amazing what a mortgage can do their views....  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 1:43 pm

lucky the brits are in their back yard running up house prices then!

has le pen junior get big tits?  

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