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The Patriarch's Orthodox, water's wet, wrestling's fixed and -

"One of the country's most senior policemen has claimed postal voting is wide open to corruption". Full report on the apparent fix in The Standard.

While generally fairly mild in manner, I get extremely angry about electoral fraud, and the three year sentences dished out for those convicted are not nearly enough. I would think a term equivalent to an electoral cycle should be the bare minimum, and I would not feel that removing the franchise from anyone convicted was excessive.

Meanwhile, can we please go back to the status quo ante? There was no substantial demand for easier postal voting prior to Labour's 'reforms', and the price democracy is paying is far too great.
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Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 10:15 am

suprise suprise the guilty parties are all pakis  

Blogger istanbultory said... 10:37 am

A return to the status ante quo is critically important.The legislation that permitted an extended role for postal voting was the same legislation that also restricted the rights of UK overseas voters to cast a ballot. At one point, NuLabour were actually considering a complete abolition of the right for overseas voters to exercise the franchise. That was avoided, thankfully. Of course, postal voting was viewed by Labour's high command as an indispensable weapon in retaining control of its rotten boroughs up and down the land. By contrast, Overseas voters are (one imagines) mainly Tories.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:50 am

Meanwhile, all hail the Honourable Member for Huntingdon (Djanogly) for his comments at committee stage: "What is needed is genuine reform that will re-establish the integrity of the electoral system. What is also needed is a Bill that will crack down on the fraud that is detracting from the electorate's faith in our democracy. What we have, however, is a Bill that promises a lot, but does not deliver as much as it promises".  

Anonymous verity said... 1:16 pm

Why pay for their imprisonment for five years? A one-way ticket "home" for themselves and their families would be cheaper and would freshen up their air.  

Anonymous verity said... 2:14 pm

Oh, and do a recount and subtract all the fake votes and declare the genuine winner elected.

If the papers have been destroyed, sorry folks, but hold another election.

We cannot allow the democratic process to be compromised anyone, least of all primitive tribal people who don't understand the ethos behind the 'one man one vote' law.

Rerunning the elections in those areas where they were perverted by cheats will be costly, of course, which is why the deportees' bank accounts will have to be frozen so the funds are available to repay the local authorities - aka 'taxpayers' - for the cost.

Any funds left over after compensating the local taxpayers for re-running the election would be forwarded to the deportees' banks in the hellholes they'd chosen for their deportee status - where some slippery-finger bank employee of their tribe may miscredit the wire transfer by mistake into an account of one of his relatives.

Oh, well, heigh-ho. Good to be "home" again, eh Achmad?  

Anonymous verity said... 2:16 pm

And yes,Croydonian, return the status quo ante. Postal votes to be requested well in advance and only granted to people who are physically impaired and can't get to the poll booth.  

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