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Fancy getting paid bonuses for work you have not done?

Thought you might. Well, if you are a part time police officer for West Midlands' finest, and you have two X chromosomes, you can. The Standard has the details:

"Two women police officers were yesterday handed the right to extra bonus payments for working at night - even though they only work day shifts. The two officers, both working mothers, should get the extra money because their childcare commitments stop them from working anti-social hours, a tribunal ruled. Denying them the allowance for working at night - which men can do - is sex discrimination, it said".

Un-bel-iev-able. I suspect it will get overturned on appeal, but I suppose we should ask whether these women felt it was a burning injustice that they were not getting this money for work they were not doing, or whether some lawyer / union official put them up to it and reckoned it worth chancing their arms at minimum costs to themselves. I'm too stunned to come up with a suitably facetious parallel at the moment.
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Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 5:52 pm

F****** greedy slags!
Hows that?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:55 pm

Some are more equal than others-AGAIN  

Anonymous verity said... 5:58 pm

I don't know why we don't just close the British police down. They do more harm than good. Just arm the citizens and we'll do the rest.

This is the Human Rights crap that Blair, who is a truly malevolent spirit and it shows in his face, brought in.  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 6:14 pm

Verity I always love it when Blair adresses a Labour rally, that is the only ime the mask slips , all the evil and malice shows on his face.
Funny thing about socialism , it attracts all the evil people whereas us conservatives usually turn out to be the good guys.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:26 pm

One for all the Blair haters out there, from the B3ta "Which celebrity would you most like to see dead? And more importantly, how?" thread.

Decidedly *not* child, work etc safe.  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 6:28 pm

That would make a nice screensaver  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:35 pm

Jamie Oliver gets a number of virtual comeuppances in the same image thread.  

Anonymous Colin said... 12:11 pm

Where could I buy another X-chromosome?

It seems to be a profitable business to have more than one because of all these pro-XX laws. Poor Paul.  

Anonymous Colin said... 12:55 pm

In regard to the single vs. double X controversy, Warren Farrell convincingly demonstrated Why Men Earn More in a speech at the Cato Institute.
(Real Player needed for watching.)  

Anonymous Suttonian said... 8:41 am

"Unbelievable", sir?
Have you just arrived in Britain?

Sentiments distinguees etc.

23.10.6 09:30  

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