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The future of flying - at least for the next few weeks

Given the frankly absurd new restrictions on that which one can carry on to flights (OK, I can just about accept that there is something approaching a rationale in banning liquids, electronic gear etc etc), in particular reading materials, what on earth am I supposed to do once I've exhausted the delights of the duty free mag and read the back of the sick bag a few times? I'm not big on striking up conversations with strangers at the best of times, especially when they are jammed right into my personal space, and we can't all have window seats and admire the view (always supposing there one).

I forsee outbreaks of plane rage from bored & restless passengers, or at the very least great enthusiasm for the booze trolley. Perhaps the pan-stick coated flight attendants will start behaving like holiday camp red coats and will attempt to whip up group sing-a-longs or left aisle / right aisle games of charades. I can feel my will to live sinking by the day. As I will be having the delights of flying cattle class to Geneva on Sunday, with maybe four hours airside without any form of diversion beyond auditing my fingers, I'm a tad exercised by this. Any bright ideas?
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Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:06 am

Well, I once had a conversation with a very fit Spaniard on the way back from Madrid. She was afraid of flying and promptly took my hand as we took off... so my advice to you would be to pick your seat carefully and swop to a more advantageous position if possible!

The new restrictions could make planes pretty sociable places.  

Blogger phone cam foolery said... 8:40 am

take a crossword puzzle, 1 sheet of paper, that or a couple of sheets of suduku, that or you could take lembit opiks airline, 4 grand return to geneva and no doubt you can take all the drinks ,bowie knives or ice axes that you can carry.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:41 am

John - thanks for the hint. I'll bear that one in mind.

PCF - yeah, I'd thought of that, but they seem to have decided that pens are dangerous too.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 12:06 pm

my advice is don't go.if you think the flights boring wait till you get to Switzerland and meet the people

methinks you'll yearn for the plane  

Blogger phone cam foolery said... 12:40 pm

Then you have no other option other than to get mildly pissed and spend the flight in a pleasent fug.
Imagine a flight to Australia or New Zealand )+:  

Blogger The Daily Pundit said... 1:20 pm

Go to Llandudno instead.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:38 pm

RM - I've been told by my girlfriend that Geneva is a byword for dullness, but she has to be there on business for a day or so, so I thought I'd tag along for the ride.

PCF - yup, that doesn't bear thinking about, although at least they have films on board.

DP - Last time I was in Llandudno it wasn't that thrilling. Although apparently there is an enomrous psilocybin scene up there. What with Alaska being *the* place for LSD, I suppose certain places make mind altering drugs seem rather more appealing than reality.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:53 pm

As I understand it, you can buy drinks, books etc from duty free or whatever airport shop stuff there is once you go through the security zone into the waiting lounge/hell hole as all the goods and staff will have gone through checks on arrival for work/on delivery. Well, hopefully.

Geneva is the interesting bit of Switz, like Montreal is in Canada, the French areas always are. But the other bits are boring unless you like skiing while eating chocolate and checking the time on your new Rolex simultaneously.  

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