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A special bonus 1959 Hansard trawl, revealing who ate all the pies. And arms to Castro's Cuba

The all important question of meat pies.  Giving, I believe an answer to the age old question of 'who ate all the pies'.

Yes, really:

Mr. Dodds  asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, in view of the popularity of meat pies, and the disparity in the nature of their contents, what consideration has been given, or contemplated by his Department, to the complex problems involved, in order to ensure that reasonable standards are observed in the interests of consumers.

Mr. John Hare The question of a statutory standard for meat pies has been referred to the Food Standards Committee. I understand that the Committee is seeking the co-operation of local authorities to obtain detailed information about the types, composition, labelling and price of meat pies at present on sale to the public.

Mr. Dodds Will the right hon. Gentleman tell us when we can have some report from the Food Standards Committee, which commenced its investigation into the composition of meat pies in 1956? May we not know the result of its labours up to date?

Mr. Hare I think that the hon. Gentleman knows what a complicated subject the composition of meat pies is; it is almost as complicated as the composition of the sausage. I am assured by the Committee that it has not sufficient information available to it, and that is why it is to consult local authorities.

I suspect that quango devoted itself to eating through every available pie offered up for its delectation.  I can vouch for the excellence of Scotch Pies, and encomia for lesser known pies of the British Isles would be welcome.

1959 would appear to have been a golden age for trenchermen of every stripe:

"Mr. Dodds asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, as representing the Lord Privy Seal, what is the position with regard to the proposed official Meat Research Institute.

Mr. Godber My noble Friend informs me that a small temporary station is to be established near Cambridge to expand the work already being done at the Low Temperature Research Station and elsewhere.     

Not entirely sure I see the connection, but I would have offered myself up as a volunteer bacon sandwich etc tester.  However, adjusting my quango-hunting deerstalker, could not the two bodies have been combined? 

Arms to Cuba:

Mr. de Freitas asked the Minister of Aviation what factors he takes into account when advising aircraft manufacturers whether or not to sell military aircraft to foreign countries.

Mr. Sandys  Provided there are no political or strategic objections, and provided the purchaser is able to pay, we naturally encourage British industry to export its wares to any country where it can find a market for them.

Mr. de Freitas asked the Minister of Aviation how many British fighter aircraft have been delivered to Cuba since the assumption of power by Senor Fidel Castro.

Mr. Sandys  Five Sea Furies have been delivered to Cuba since the change of Government. They were the last five of an order for seventeen which had already been paid for by the former Cuban Government.

Well, well, well.

Here's  a Canadian one:

Handsome, no?  Apparently the Cubans used theirs during the Bay of Pigs debacle: "The Cuban air force armed inventory included Douglas B-26 Invader light bombers, Hawker Sea Fury fighters, and Lockheed T-33 jets, all remaining from the Fuerza Aérea del Ejército de Cuba (FAEC), the Cuban air force of the Batista government".

Giving it straight:

Mr. E. L. Mallalieu asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs what representations he proposes to make to the Government of the German Federal Republic about the cancellation of tickets booked by British subjects in the United Kingdom for the Oberammergau Passion Play in 1960.

Mr. Profumo  I understand the position to be as follows. No actual bookings can be made in the United Kingdom for the Oberammergau Passion Play. Tickets, which cover a seat for the Passion Play and overnight accommodation in the village, are allocated by a central office in Oberammergau. Many more people apply to see the Passion Play than can be accommodated, and the acceptance of a booking by an agent in the United Kingdom is no guarantee that it can be accepted by the Passion Play authorities in Oberammergau. As this appears to be a simple question of supply and demand, no useful purpose would be served by making representations to the Government of the German Federal Republic.
Take that Mallalieu.  He would appear to be the father of  that horsey Socialist woman of the same name.  Horsey as in given to matters equestrian, rather than being blessed with Margaret Beckett's looks that is. 

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Blogger James Higham said... 9:26 am

Selling arms to the enemy is one of the lowest acts and illustrates the statelessness of those people.  

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