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Vintage Hansard, featuring an important question about chalk and wrongs done the Irish.

A bit of 1909 for you all:

Bayonet Charge, Cappamore

Mr. LUNDON (Irish Nat) (1) asked the Chief Secretary whether, as the result of the bayonet charge which took place at Cappamore (a small town in county Limerick. C) on 6th May last, the district inspector, Mr. M'Carthy, of Newpallas, who ordered the police to charge on this occasion, has been transferred to Newport, county Mayo, which is one of the smallest stations in the West of Ireland; and, if so, will he say whether this punishment on the inspector is due to the orders given on the occasion; and, in view of the conduct of the police authorities in connection with this matter, will the Government compensate the four men who were injured on the occasion?

Mr. BIRRELL District-Inspector McCarthy was transferred because the Inspector-General considered it desirable in 1923W the public interests to move him to another district. Newport, to which he has been transferred, is considerably larger than New Pallas, and the district attached to it is also larger than the New Pallas district. The men who were wounded on the occasion in question were members of a disorderly crowd. If they consider themselves entitled to compensation it is open to them to assert their claims in a court of law.

That I am a Unionist is a matter of record, but one can hardly wonder at the unhappiness of the Plain People of Ireland at British rule if a 'disorderly crowd' might receive a bayonet charge.

A masterclass in avoiding addressing a question

Mr. ASHLEY asked whether the free conveyance of an officer's wife and family when he is sent away on duty is still confined to conveyance by sea, or whether this privilege has been extended to moves made by land?

Mr. FULLER The reply to the first part of the question is in the affirmative, and to the second part in the negative.

Mr. ASHLEY Will the hon. Gentleman say why when it is right to pay the carriage of the conveyance of an officer's wife and family by sea it is not so by land?

Mr. FULLER I am informed that it has always been the custom to pay for the conveyance by sea and that the War Office have no intention of making any change in the matter.

Mr. ASHLEY Will the War Office receive representations on the subject?

Mr. FULLER I really have nothing to add.
And there ends that exchange.

MPs having tired of ragging the Chancellor over what would or would not constitute a building, a new front is opened up:


Sir GILBERT PARKER asked whether chalk would be considered a mineral within the meaning of the Finance Act, and therefore subject to taxation?

Mr. FULLER I must refer the hon. Member to the reply which was given by my right hon. Friend the Financial Secretary to the Treasury on 21st June last to the hon. Member for North-West. Manchester.

There is nothing up for 21/6/9, so the minerality or otherwise of chalk remains unsettled.

A topic dear to many of us:


Mr. PATRICK WHITE asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer how many hours per week, including Sunday, licensed houses are open for sale of intoxicating drink in London and Dublin, respectively;

Mr Fuller The number of hours during which licensed premises may by law be open during a week including Sunday are, in London, 123½ hours, and in Dublin, 98 hours.

The sheer unfairness, not to say out and out savagery, of that beggars belief.

More of the same later, maybe.

(1) - Lundon got into a slanging match with another Irish Nat - different faction - a few years later, this tale making the New York Times. Lundon called William O'Brien a descendant of 'the most blackguardly informer that ever appeared in Ireland'. O'Brien then shouted back 'you are an infamous liar and scoundrel!'. The two had to be held apart. Not exactly Swiftian or Wildean levels of wit.

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Anonymous puzzled of nether wallop said... 1:47 pm

Not only are we to be concerned with global warming, it emerges but we are also to be deeply troubled by declining fish socks.

I must confess I never knew that the scaly fellows wore socks. Perhaps it means declining as in 'declining irregular latin verbs'

Most puzzling.

By the way, Any Questions on BBC Radio 4 is from MIddle Wallop tonight! What is the BBC thinking of letting a bunch of inbred numpties such as Middle Wallopians loose on an outside broadcast???

And we are EXPECTED to pay a LICENCE FEE for this sort of rubbish!!!!


Blogger Croydonian said... 1:50 pm

PNW - Marvelous as ever.  

Blogger James Higham said... 7:02 pm

There are not many who would blog on the taxable nature of chalk. Well done.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:14 pm

James - I like to think of myself as a snapper up of unconsidered trifles.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:48 am

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Blogger Croydonian said... 9:57 am

It has to be said that the quality of spam is going up at the mo'.  

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