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Hansard 1909, featuring old horses, policing in Zanzibar and a no-nonsense Speaker.

The Zanzibari Inspectorate had high standards:

Sir GILBERT PARKER asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether Inspector Maneckji is at the present time employed in the police department of Zanzibar; whether he was at any time suspended from duty; at what date this occurred; what were the charges against him; and what were the reasons for reinstatement?


Inspector Maneckji and a sub-inspector were suspended from their duties a few months ago on a charge being made that evidence had been obtained from prisoners by ill-treatment and pressure. They were both tried before a judge...Inspector Maneckji was acquitted and returned to his duties. But as the occurrence of anything of the kind on the part of his subordinate gave some presumption of lax administration, it was decided that he should retire on the expiry of the next term of leave due to him, which will be within this year.

Post offices open *after* 8 PM. I'd be happy with 6PM..:

Mr. REES asked the Postmaster-General whether arrangements can be made to close post offices in country towns during August and September at 8 p.m., in order to allow employés, and more particularly lady employés, an opportunity for relaxation during the hot and holiday season?

He's a sexist pig, that Rees. Nice use of the é acute in employés too.

The POSTMASTER-GENERAL (Mr. Sydney Buxton) I am anxious to restrict the hours of attendance for Post Office servants so far as circumstances permit, but each case must be considered on its merits. I am sorry to say that my efforts in this direction have not always met with support from the local authorities consulted.
And minister are being nagged about nags again:

Sir GILBERT PARKER asked the hon. Member for South Somerset whether he could give an approximate estimate of the number of old horses exported from this country; and would the Government consider the usefulness and advantage of putting on an export tax apart from the amount of return from such a tax to the Treasury?

Sir E. STRACHEY No statistics are available which enable exported horses to be classified according to age. I assume that the object of the hon. Member's proposal—with which I may say I am in hearty agreement—is to prevent the exportation of horses, which by reason of their age cannot be conveyed without cruelty. The Board believe that this object can be attained much more satisfactorily by means of the strict enforcement of the Exportation of Horses Order than by the imposition of an Export Duty.

Meanwhile, 'Eastern Europeans comin' over 'ere taking our jobs'. (As it were)

Mr. CURRAN asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether he is aware that three Russian mechanics are at present employed on the turbines of H.M.S. "Collingwood" at the works of Messrs. Hawthorn Leslie and Company, Hebburn-on-Tyne, at a weekly rate of 25s.; whether he is aware that this is much below the rate of wages for the district; and whether he will take steps to secure the observation of the Fair Wage Clause?

Get the feeling someone snitched out the Russians to Curran?
The FIRST LORD of the ADMIRALTY (Mr. McKenna) the Admiralty have no other information on the subject than that contained in the hon. Gentleman's question, but inquiries are being addressed to the firm.

Hardly surprising, all things considered. Not that Curran will give up.

Mr. CURRAN When inquiries are being made I should like the right hon. Gentleman to be aware that 37s. per week is the standard rate on the North-East Coast, and that there is 12s. difference.

Mr. SPEAKER The hon. Member is not asking a question at all.

Now I would that the shade of Lowther - for it is he - would return to the Commons and deal with the non-questions, the non-answers etc etc.

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