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Obama's stat pr0n

From CNS News, via Zogby:

"The traffic at President Obama's official White House Web site--whitehouse.gov--has fallen from a post-Inauguration peak to nearly the same level it was during the waning days of the Bush administration.

The dramatic drop in traffic has happened despite the Obama Administration's complete redesign of the site. According to the web-traffic tracking site Alexa.com, whitehouse.gov was almost the 500th most popular Web site in the world in February. Since then, it has fallen to the 3,732 ranked Web site in the world. Traffic to the site has fallen 51.6 percent in the last three months".

Anyway, Alexa allows statpr0n fans to download the daily top 1m sites (No, I'm not in it, alas. And neither are you, unless you are Dale, Fawkes, Dizzy or DK. Couldn't be bothered to check anyone else), and whitehouse.gov currently lurks at 4419, sandwiched between 1111.com.tw - having looked at it, I have no idea what it is about, although it appears to be work safe - and geenstijl.nl, of which I have heard. It is a sort of blog / news / waggishness site for sound Dutch types.

To add insult to injury, poor old 'bama does not even have the top US govt site - that goes to NIH.gov (a health site) at 478, followed by NASA at 545 and CA.gov at 748. He is outdone by Google Angola, but betters Google T&T.

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Blogger Obnoxio The Clown said... 2:33 pm

329674 - obotheclown.blogspot.com :o)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:41 pm

Hard to resist, isn't it?  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 3:48 pm

Aside from C@W coming in at a rather humble 1,624,998, our Keywords are:

capitalists @ work, swoopo multiple accounts, socialist propoganda Sic !!!

WTF? as they say when so sorely tried

can't even spell !!!  

Blogger All Seeing Eye said... 4:25 pm

Doubtless TheEye was at 1,000,001 and so missed out by a whisker.

There can be no other plausible explanation for not being there.  

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