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A hundred years ago (literally) - Hansard trawling 28th July 1909

It's good. It's really good, and what is more, Parliament appeared to sit the whole summer, so I can keep this going for week. This was when the nation was groaning under the yellow yoke of Asquith:

Boys' work in dockyards:


asked the First Lord whether his attention has been called to an accident to a boy named Whitaker, aged 14, on the new dock works, Portsmouth, which necessitated the amputation of one leg and involved injury to the other; and what action, if any, has been taken by his Department to prevent young boys being employed upon dangerous works of this character?


The accident was not attributable to the particular nature of the work, which cannot properly be described as dangerous".

I am not a great one for training folk in ladder use, but maybe, just maybe Mckenna had it wrong.

Slap down o' the day:

Experimental Submarine Craft


asked the First Lord whether Messrs. Beardmore and Company offered to build an experimental submarine craft; and, if so, will he say why the offer was refused?


Messrs Beardmore and Company have not submitted a design of a submarine boat to the Admiralty.

Cattle mutiliation

The boy Gladstone appears very well informed:


asked the Home Secretary whether he is aware that cattle-maiming has taken place on the farm of Mr. James, at Walton, near Burton-on-Trent; will he say how many animals were mutilated, how many disembowelled, and how many have died; and whether any arrests have been made?


I am informed that three calves were killed on the farm in question; their throats were cut, and two of them were also badly mutilated. On an adjoining farm a sheep has been killed. No clue has yet been discovered to the perpetrator of these abominable outrages.

And a really rather good exchange:


asked the Home Secretary if his attention has been called to the action of the police in Trafalgar-square on Sunday last, 25th July, in attacking several persons, men and women, who were engaged in selling a newspaper called "Justice," and tearing the papers from them and confiscating them; and whether he will cause inquiry to be made into the matter, or if he can give any explanation of this action on the part of the police?


The police seized, without using unnecessary force, certain papers which contained pictorial and press matter of a nature calculated to incite to crime and to provoke a disturbance of the peace. Their action, in my opinion, was fully justified.

Mr. REES (Lib)

May I ask the right hon. Gentleman whether retribution has not properly overtaken those who sell "Justice"?



Am I to understand that the freedom of the Press is entirely in the hands of the Chief Commissioner of Police?


When the freedom of the Press is abused the police have to act in the execution of their duty.

Who has to decide when the freedom of the Press is abused?


If the police cannot form their own opinions, they can consult those who are over them, who have special responsibility.


Would it not be as well to consult the Czar before you introduce Russian methods?

Mr. SWIFT MacNEILL (Irish Nat)

Will the right hon. Gentleman give these policemen billets in India?


Here is a copy of the paper. There is nothing outrageous in it.


Any further questions on this matter must be put on the Paper.

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Blogger JuliaM said... 4:59 pm

"...whether he is aware that cattle-maiming has taken place on the farm of Mr. James, at Walton, near Burton-on-Trent; will he say how many animals were mutilated, how many disembowelled, and how many have died; and whether any arrests have been made?"

Pshaw! Everyone now knows these are caused by aliens. Fancy expecting arrests to be made! How quaint..  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:04 pm

A rum business, eh? I was hoping to get a bad joke involving Shaffer's 'Equus' in there, but the latin for cow was less than likely to prompt instant recognition.  

Blogger James Higham said... 7:22 am

yellow yolk of Asquith

That's really rather good.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:40 am

It is traditional to refer to Labour administrations as the 'red yoke', so I just adapted it a bit.  

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