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Meanwhile, in old Pyongyang....

From the usual place:

New posters have been produced by the Workers' Party of Korea Publishing House, the Mansudae Art Studio, the Korean Central Fine Arts Studio and the Fine Arts Studio of the Ministry of Railways to encourage the Korean people in the immediate farming campaign.

The mind is racing.

"Posters "Let All Turn out in Weeding Campaign!" and "Let Us Sincerely Help Farmers with Manpower and Materially through Patriotic Devotion!" depict an agricultural worker all out in the weeding campaign in the wake of the completion of the rice transplantation and the working people rushing to co-op fields, thus making an ideological and artistic representation of the elated enthusiasm of the Korean people to hit the target of grain production this year without fail".

As I may have noted before, it must make a change from the Athena tennis girl, decoration-wise.

Meanwhile, the photo of Kim's #3 son that has been circulating turns out to be that of a South Korean construction worker. This is the lead story for the LA Times today. Yes, really.


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Blogger Nick Drew said... 1:16 pm

the Fine Arts Studio of the Ministry of Railways

recalling fine British railway posters of yesteryear, I might actually wish to see some of their output

(or is it just the NK Railways pension fund's private collection ..?)  

Blogger Newmania said... 1:47 pm

Nick Drew recalls the Stage Coach posters of yesteryear as well I expect , he was only a nipper of course.( Young scamp always up to larks , flying kites and such)

Let Us Sincerely Help Farmers ..

That rules you ut C is you did a hands turn it would be snidely  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:51 pm

N - Take me by the Flying Scotsman and do forth? Agreed. I fear the NKRPF's collection would be heavy on socialist realism.

Paul - It's a fair cop.  

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