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Straw man o' the day

As set up by Baron Mandelson, of Foy in the county of Herefordshire and Hartlepool in the county of Durham. Or Peter to his friends.

"We have too often acted as if we have nothing to learn from the rest of Europe, or gain from closer European co-operation," explained Lord Mandelson. "After the crunch, that attitude is simply no longer credible.

"No matter how badly a downturn might tempt us to think and act in national silos, the next five years will in fact demand an even greater Europeanism from us."

The warning followed gains from eurosceptic parties in the European Parliament elections last weekend".

Presumably he means the Tory party and UKIP, given that No2Eu etc did not exactly set the Thames, or come to that the Tyne, on fire. Both parties are committed to free trade, so what is he playing at?

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Blogger James Higham said... 9:47 am

Rate Mandelson's credibility from 0 to 10.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:50 am

Perhaps he was talking as an agent of the Globalist Elite? The EU federalist agenda goes on regardless of the puppets we see in government.
Mandleson is an agent of Bilderberg.  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 9:50 am

Co-operation is wildly popular, it is integration that is not.  

Anonymous Geoff said... 10:14 am

The reason may be less mysterious. As a serving or ex-Commissioner they are obligated to always be positive about our EU overlords...or else they can be stripped of the gold-plated pension.

Maybe he's saving up for a duck house (no sniggering at the back there).  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:24 am

If nothiong else, Mandelson is a constant source of entertainment.  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 1:19 pm

I trust that our 'national silos' have their missiles primed, ready, and pointing at *ahem* well, the Traditional Enemy (if it were up to me)

or have I got the wrong end of the stick ?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:52 pm

Nick - one can never be too careful with La France perfide.  

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