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A selection of odds and ends

Starting, naturally, with an opinion poll:

Should the IDF take out Iran's nuclear facilities? 66% of Israeli Jews polled agree, 15% do not, and the rest do not know.

Conspiracy fans everywhere will be delighted to know that we are in on this one too:

"The Israel Air Force recently staged military exercises between Israel and the British colony of Gibraltar near southern Spain, the French magazine L'Express reported on Saturday.

The fact that the drills were held 3,800 kilometers away from Israel "confirms that the Israel Defense Forces is making concrete preparations" to attack Iran over its refusal to cooperate with the international community over its contentious nuclear program, according to L'Express".

That the IDF is able to project force well beyond Israel's immediate neighbourhood is well known, but sending a squadron of F-16s to the other end of the Med is a rather different proposition to securing overflight rights among some less than neighbourly neighbours. Perhaps An All Seeing Eye can tell me whether plane spotters have been out in force in his neck of the woods.

Let's see Harman get upset about this

"As the crisis continues unabated and the collapse of the global economy pushes up unemployment figures, one thing is becoming clear: The crisis is disproportionately affecting men. Almost 80 percent of the 5.1 million Americans who have lost their jobs in recent months have been men. The US male unemployment figure is now 8.8 percent, while it is still only 7 percent for women".

And a passing Tamiflu-reistant porker just did an Immelman turn.

Factlet o' the day:

"The designer of the first-ever Soviet limousine was arrested on wrongful accusation and died in Stalin camps after two years of imprisonment".

As every schoolboy knows, the KGB's predecessors use to tour Moscow etc in vans marked 'Drink Soviet campagne'.

Meanwhile, the Kiwi equivalent of whoever presents the breakfast TV progs in these parts has got himself in trouble:

Not enormously gallant, but there you are.

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Anonymous IanVisits said... 9:22 am

The Israeli air force is probably in training to sink another US spy ship by "accident".


Blogger All Seeing Eye said... 1:35 pm

By coincidence (or not) TheEye was kept rudely awake last very night by our flyboys conducting nighttime operations navigation and landing excercises.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:40 pm

IV - I think they are warier of biting the hand these days.

ASE - All in a good cause, eh?  

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