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A little light data mining of the 'Gurkha vote'.

The BBC has a list of the 28 Labour rebels, care of the LibDems' reckoning. A fuller version is at The Public Whip. Comparing this to the Brown vote refuseniks of May 2007 gives the following who appear on both lists:

Diane Abbott (1)
Harry Cohen (2)
Jeremy Corbyn (1)
Mark Fisher (1)
Neil Gerrard (2)
Kate Hoey (1)
Kelvin Hopkins (1)
Peter Kilfoyle (1)
Linda Riordan (1)
Alan Simpson (1)
Robert Wareing (technically de-whipped, so N/A)
Mike Wood (1)

Further digging at Theyworkforyou gives the numbers in parentheses, with 1 indicating that he or she 'quite often rebels', 2 'sometimes rebels'. So, essentially a list of the usual suspects.

However, it is the list of abstainers (obtained by comparing this with this) that is the more intriguing. Given that Prescott, Hoon, Miliband Major and Miliband Minor are down as not having voted, it is safe to assume that they were elsewhere rather than that they decided to make a hesitant step towards the light.

Here they are, with the more interesting ones highlighted:

John Austin
John Battle
Hilary Benn
Karen Buck
Richard Burden
Colin Burgon
Stephen Byers
Richard Caborn
Ronnie Campbell
Martin Caton
Ian Cawsey
Michael Clapham
Katy Clark
Charles Clarke
Frank Cook
Jon Cruddas
Claire Curtis-Thomas
Jim Dobbin
Bill Etherington
Paul Farrelly
Frank Field
Paul Flynn
Mike Gapes
Roger Godsiff
Mike Hall
Patrick Hall
Fabian Hamilton
Sylvia Heal
Doug Henderson
David Heyes
Meg Hillier
Jim Hood
Geoff Hoon
Lindsay Hoyle
Eric Illsley
Sian James
Lynne Jones
Martyn Jones
Ashok Kumar
Ivan Lewis
Martin Linton
Denis MacShane
Khalid Mahmood
Judy Mallaber
John Mann
Rob Marris
Bob Marshall Andrews
Christine McCafferty
John McDonell
Anne McGuire
Michael Meacher
Alan Meale
David Miliband
Ed Miliband
Austin Mitchell
Anne Moffat
Julie Morgan
Kali Mountford
Eddie O'Hara
Sandra Osborne
Greg Pope
Bridget Prentice
John Prescott
Bill Rammell
Jamie Reed
John Reid
Linda Riordan
John Robertson
Martin Salter
Clare Short
Alan Simpson
Marsha Singh
Andrew Smith
Anne Snelgrove
Gavin Strang
Gisela Stuart
Gerry Sutcliffe
David Taylor
Paddy Tipping
Paul Truswell
Neil Turner
Rudi Vis
Betty William
Mike Wood
Shaun Woodward
Anthony Wright

I might dig further to isolate MPs with a high proportion of constituents with links to the sub-continent.

At comment maker Tim the Mage's suggestion, here are the votes from MPs with high numbers of constituents of Indian extraction:

Leicester East - Vaz (rebel)
Leicester West - Hewitt (loyalist)
Ealing Southall - Sharma (loyalist)
Ealing North - Pound (rebel)
Ealing, Acton - Slaughter (loyalist)
Harrow West - Thomas (loyalist)
Harrow East - McNulty (loyalist)
Feltham & Heston - Keen (loyalist)
Brentford & Isleworth - Keen (loyalist)
Hendon - Dismore (loyalist)
Finchley & GG - Vis (d/n vote)
Ilford South - Gapes (d/n vote)
Loughborough - Reed (loyalist)
Brent North - Gardiner (loyalist)
Birmingham Perry Barr - Mahmood (d/n vote)
Bradford North - Rooney (loyalist)
Bradford South - Sutcliffe (loyalist)

Can't say I am really up to scratch on where the UK's Indians live, beyond NW/W London and Leicestershire, so any additional seat names would be helpful.

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Blogger Tim the Mage said... 2:36 pm

More interesting to see those who voted with the Labour whip but have large south asian electorates - Terry Rooney, Bradford North (East to be) is one.  

Anonymous Julian Todd said... 8:11 am


According to this page there's not too many divisions like it.

If there's anything in the website interface I could help with, just ask.

I am particularly interested for an opposition candidate to hold a sitting MP's vote against them during an election campaign.

This vote is probably not a good case because the government was defeated -- their personal political calculations would have been very complicated. There are factors that will definitely overwhelm any message from having constituents of Indian extraction.  

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