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Some Parliamentary odds and ends

Firstly, 59 year old Graham Stringer has found something to get upset about:

Graham Stringer: To ask the Minister for Women and Equality what assessment she has made of (a) levels of public support for and (b) potential harmful consequences of the marketing of (i) products and (ii) holidays directly to specific age groups.

And came the response from Maria Eagle - excising the verbiage: "only a small number of respondents felt that the marketing of products and holidays to specific age groups was discriminatory and very few felt that such marketing was harmful".

Perhaps Stringer has the hump as he is missing out on the 18-30 products, or because he is not in line for packages aimed at geriatrics?

I strive to avoid my compatriots when abroad, whatever age they might be, but each to their own. Many years ago a family holiday in the Dordogne saw a visit to the Martell distillery, and out of maybe 20 people, one was a boy from my school (with family, natch). While he was, and maybe still is, a nerd, I still felt extremely uncomfortable.

Back at the plot, the Department of Work and Pensions gives its staff a Christmas bonus. In the light of the comments from further up the governmental food chain, doubtless there will not be one this year. It is a tenner, by the way.

Sticking with Work and Pensions, website hits are unveiled here. Jobcentre hits slumped in December and surged in January, somewhat unsurprisingly. What I reckon more noteworthy are the stats for the CSA:

One might think that couples attempt a ceasefire over Christmas and then resume hostilities with renewed enthusiasm in January.

Sticking with the battle of the sexes, the daughter of Dennis MacShane is clearly a chip off the old block:

"Is the Minister aware of Newcastle’s “Sinners” bar, which is one of these horrible places? Young Newcastle university students went there recently and saw a notice saying “Whoever shows her”—the word begins with t and ends in s—“to bar staff gets a free shot! Girls only!” Will the Minister congratulate Newcastle university students who launched a boycott and a demonstration outside that wretched establishment? One of them, a young lady, said: “it promotes the degradation of women and binge drinking and I think it’s demoralising.” Will the Minister encourage other university students to take on that feminist message? I declare an interest: that young lady was my daughter".

Non-entity and Essexphobe David Taylor thinks he is a wit - "Next week we mark the 30th anniversary of black Thursday, when Mrs. Thatcher came to power. In the period— [Interruption.]". I will raise a glass or two next Thursday.

Now try to read this without sniggering:

Dr. Phyllis Starkey : "What progress has been made in developing his proposal for a UK city of culture.... I am anxious that the criteria—whatever they are—do not discriminate against newer cities such as my own, Milton Keynes".

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Anonymous Frank said... 11:24 am

One reason that I like living abroad in Saarland that I avoid my compatriots almost entirely.  

Blogger JuliaM said... 4:27 pm

"..the word begins with t and ends in s.."'Tattoos'...?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:39 pm


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