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Gordon Brown rated the world's 10th biggest loser

'Foreign Policy' has decided to get its hands dirty and rate the month's losers, and Brown only rates 10th, although he makes 7th among politicians, loosely defined. Top of the list is Josef Fritzl, a fairly difficult act to follow.

Here's the encomium for Brown:

"It's hard to hate Gordon Brown. In fact, it's hard not to feel bad for the guy. This is due in part to the fact that he is Britain's first prime minister who is also part basset hound. Also, he had to follow Tony Blair who was quite telegenic and appealing, particularly in that phase of his career when he was being played by Michael Sheen. (Less so later when he was being played by one of George W. Bush's hand-puppets.) Still, Gordon did accept the job of PM, did screw it up to a fare-thee-well and now is on the verge of blowing his last big moment on the public stage as he prepares to host a G20 Summit that is very likely to realize somewhere between zero and few of his grand ambitions for it".

The magazine is published in Washington DC, so the misplaced lack of venom is perhaps understandable. The 'basset hound' link gives a potted history of the breed etc, but it seemed sufficiently amusing to leave in.


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Anonymous Anonymous said... 8:06 pm

Actually, it's very easy to hate Gordon Brown. You only have to live in England and put up with the incompetence of his Government; the lies and greed of his Cabinet and listen to his denials of any responsibility for the devestation he has wreaked on the UK economy.  

Anonymous Rob Atkins said... 8:18 pm

Agree completely with Anonymous (you're not Tony Blair are you ?). Brown is a national embarrassment, even surpasses the Dishonorable, and briefly green, M'Lord Mandelson.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:01 pm

Crikey people, I thought I was making my opinion pretty clear albeit not raining down the wrath of God on the man.  

Blogger Dennis said... 9:51 pm

"Top of the list is Josef Fritzl, a fairly difficult act to follow."

Mr Croydonian, you are an excellent wag and that is why I read your blog!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:37 pm

Dennis - very kind of you to say so. One does what one can.  

Anonymous Carrie said... 11:31 pm

Where was George Bush on the list?  

Anonymous Bonnie the Bonnie: said... 11:33 pm

They should have put President Bushie on the list with Stanford, a few missing ones.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:47 am

The list was only dealing with active figures.  

Blogger VNTuongLai said... 11:14 am

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