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Prepare to be angry

From Hansard:

Mr. Andrew Robathan (Blaby) (Con): What new measures to reduce electoral fraud the Electoral Commission expects to be in place by the next General Election.

Sir Peter Viggers: The Electoral Commission informs me that it does not expect new measures to be in place by the last possible date for the next general election.

When I consider the variously foolish and wicked things that this administration has managed since even 2005, I am appalled that the integrity of the voting system has not been considered sufficiently important to merit an examination, given the horrors of the last few years.

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Blogger Blue Eyes said... 10:27 am

There is not a problem with the electoral system as long as it delivers the right result. Get with the post-democratic programme C!  

Blogger Lobbydog said... 11:03 am

The question is - would anyone's share of the vote benefit/be diminished by the changes that are being suggested?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:13 am

L - A fair, if even by my standards, staggeringly cynical comment.  

Blogger John M Ward said... 12:41 pm

There is a school of thought around (I have read it in a number of places) that Labour is dependent on electoral fraud in order to avoid a virtual wipe-out at future elections.

What happened in Birmingham not so long ago, and other "irregularities" (particularly with postal votes) tends to suggest there is a degree of substance in that.

Therefore, it is of no surprise that nothing is to be done about it.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:45 pm

Quite agree with john ward 12.41  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:00 pm

There are few things that fill me with quite such a degree of rage as electoral fraud, and it is appalling that there is A - so much of it, and B - that the penalties are so mild.  

Blogger Andrew Allison said... 10:27 pm

Electoral fraud undermines the very fabric of our democracy. Any government should take it seriously, but it does not surprise me Labour chooses to turn a blind eye. This government sinks new depths at every conceivable twist and turn of its pathetic existence.  

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