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Ban Ki-Moon's super powers

Apparently. As God is my witness, I am *not* making this up.

"[Film director] Mr. Sciora is showcasing the work of the United Nations in other ways, too. His non-governmental organization, United Media, has collaborated with Marvel Enterprises on a comic book about us that will be launched in September....Imagine how satisfying it must be for him to have made it possible for his favourite Marvel characters to tell the story of how the United Nations fights poverty, disease and conflict worldwide".

I look forward to the hapless Mr Ban appearing in a comic strip averring "My UN-senses are tingling" or "Its Peacekeeping time!". Presumably he gained his supperpowers from exposure to radiation of some sort, or swallowing an AA battery.

Script suggestions from anyone with a more detailed knowledge of the sayings of Marvel superheroes are welcome.

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Blogger ScotsToryB said... 2:03 pm

'his supperpowers from..... swallowing an AA battery'

The game is not fair if you insist on putting the puns in the article!


Blogger Croydonian said... 2:52 pm

Memo to self - pay attention.  

Blogger adrian said... 4:29 pm

The New World Order for Dummies.

What Jaq boots Smithy is really up to with her ID card scheme.

Of course we were warned about the Globalists.

and not just once either.

Do you really believe Oswald could arrange this

or this

or this

or this

What is this non specific 'Change' he keeps talking about, has anybody bothered to ask him.
Who Knows, but it's obviously not this :-

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