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TUC - it's all Fatcher's fault

Yes it is, apparently, and furthermore the evidence of hundreds of years of economic history is as nothing compared to what Brendan Barber thinks:

'This recession is not bad luck or an inevitable swing of the pendulum.

'Its cause is irresponsible behaviour by banks and financial institutions taking advantage of the deregulation started by Mrs Thatcher and President Reagan, and continued to a greater or lesser extent ever since".

So who on earth can he blame for pre-1979 recessions, depressions, slumps, economic meltdowns and so forth? Mind you, perhaps this is his backhanded way of handing the laurels to the Dynamic Duo for the growth in our economies since 1979 too....

Discussing BB's call for a public enquiry with Dizzy, he notes that Barber has already made his mind up but wants to throw lots of money at barristers to come to the same conclusion. He has the scope to be the Bar's greatest benefactor since Lord Saville. £179m and counting.

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Blogger Blue Eyes said... 2:39 pm

Everything is Thatcher's fault, get with the programme!

What we need at times like this is more state intervention, more debt, more inflation, more regulation, more nationalisation, more subsidy, ...

In fact we need more of that *all the time*  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:49 pm

Doubtless the Stasi will be escorting me away for re-education soon.  

Blogger MJW said... 5:02 pm

Thatcher is personally responsible for the repair man that never came today, I waited in all day and he never came. Stupid Maggie Thatcher. In fact Maggie stole my milk, she made my train late on Monday and she leaves only the coffee sweets in the tin at Xmas.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:05 pm

She has a lot to answer for, clearly.  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 5:24 pm

Joking aside, didn't Thatch rate her proudest achievement as "New Labour"?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:40 pm

BE - looks like you are right.

I found this at Con Home: "Late in 2002 Lady Thatcher came to Hampshire to speak at a dinner for me. Taking her round at the reception one of the guests asked her what was her greatest achievement. She replied, "Tony Blair and New Labour. We forced our opponents to change their minds."  

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