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Giving a straight answer the Barbara Follett way

From Hansard:

Jo Swinson: To ask the Minister for Women and Equality what proportion of staff at the Women’s National Commission are (a) male, (b) female, (c) black and minority ethnic male and (d) black and minority ethnic female".

Barbara Follett: The Women’s National Commission has a small staff and provision of this information in the categories required would make it possible to identify individuals, if such information was used alongside other material in the public domain. This would be in breach of guidance on ethnicity disclosure. The Government Equalities Office sponsors the WNC. Combining the staff numbers of the GEO and the WNC lessens the risk of breaching the guidance on ethnicity disclosure and gives the following figures, based on the declaration staff have made


(a) Male


(b) Female


(c) BME male

Less than 1

(d) BME female


The figure for BME males is inflated to a certain extent to avoid the possibility of a breach of guidance. This calculation excludes temporary staff.

I think what Babs means is that are no BME males working there.

(As a footnote, I can't say I was aware of the WNC, so I have been nosing around its website. Apparently one of the priorities for the Minsters (sic) for Women is "Tackling violence against women who commit crimes". Does this mean that shoplifters etc are getting roughed up by security goons, the Plod, Prison service etc, or disappointed relatives are dishing it out? I'm lost, frankly).


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Anonymous Verity said... 5:02 pm

Too depressing. Let's just hope Harriet Harpic runs for Leader of the moonbats. She has just earned the emnity of every white man in Britain, and at least 50% - or perhaps more - of white women.

I would enjoy seeing her fall on her fat, smug face. Or her fat, well-fed arse would be fine, too.  

Blogger Unsworth said... 7:53 pm

Apropos the Verity comments, frankly I'd be delighted if La Harman falls on any portion of her anatomy - just as long as it is a) extremely painful and, b) lethal.

Not that I'm vindictive, of course.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:08 am

I suspect that I would not need to see a grief counsellor if something unpleasant were to happen to Mrs Dromey.  

Anonymous nomad said... 8:15 am

When are you going to get with the programme? As a white, and probably middle class, Englishman you have no right to this information. Report to the guard house by 4pm or else....  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:22 am

Guilty three times over. Off to the gulag for me.  

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