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An attempt at a London violent crime map

Apologies for the less than intuitive colours, but I have nothing more sophisticated than MS Paint to play with.

Dark green represents total violent incidents of 51-60 per thousand population
Light blue represents total violent incidents of 41-50 per thousand population
Greenish yellow represents total violent incidents of 31-40 per thousand population
Grey represents total violent incidents of 21-30 per thousand population
White represents total violent incidents of 11-20 per thousand population

Figures come from the 2008 Focus on London (p156), hot off the presses. The figure is an aggregate of Met, TfL, Ambulance service and Transport Police figures. The Inner London average is 48.5, and the London average 38.6.

The high Westminster figure is doubtless informed by badly behaved shoppers, tourists etc. Croydon's 33.2 is well below the average, if 33.2 too high.

Any offers to tart up the map will be gratefully received. Should folk find this sort of thing interesting, I might dig up some more data and play with that.

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Blogger Blue Eyes said... 12:16 pm

Was Boris not going to produce such a thing?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:19 pm

BE - That's what the man says. I expect him to stick to his word.  

Blogger Matthew Sinclair said... 12:33 pm


If it helps, at the TPA we've produced 'cost of crime' maps for London and the country at large.



Of course, there's a big difference between the kind of thing we're doing and true crime mapping (which requires far more detailed statistics) but it is a nice start.


Blogger Croydonian said... 12:58 pm

Matthew - thank you, much appreciated. You folks are doing a lot of very valuable work.

Some years back I was on holiday in Boulder, Colorado and the local rag - The Rocky Mountain News - printed a local crime map every week, leading me to wonder why on earth the Met and the London papers do not put the same information into the public domain, as they have it.....  

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