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Why so coy?

There's a mildly interesting item in The Times on political wives, mainly dedicated to sticking the boot into Carla Sarkozy and name dropping to Olympic standard.

Anyway, the writer notes " There are two types of politician’s wife. The first type marries her man before he becomes famous or powerful. She marries him before the grace-and-favour apartments in historical settings, before the banqueting dinners and state visits, before the helicopter on the lawn and the silent, waiting chauffeur.... Carla Bruni, I fear, is the other type of political wife. She hitched a ride on the bandwagon once it was well and truly rolling along".

So far so not very interesting at all, until the sign off:

"Sarah Vine is married to a Tory MP".

A little bit of digging reveals that La Vine is married to Michael Gove of Surrey Heath (whom God preserve) and that they would have married prior to Gove getting elected.

With that tease of a sign off, I cannot be the only one who will ask that question, so the subs should either have dropped that sign off or been a tad fuller.


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Blogger CityUnslicker said... 3:23 pm

I have probably miss read, but nonetheless my old ground of Surrey is will not be preserved by God. The boundary commission is long overdue a shifty at Surrey and the mis-shapen constituency will no doubt be trimmed and renamed.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:35 pm

You could well be right, but I was seeking the preservation of the Man Upstairs more for Gove than his constituency.  

Anonymous verity said... 6:32 pm

A very mean-spirited observation by Mrs Gove. Carla Bruni married Sarkozy because he is major attractive and he is keen on beautiful women.  

Anonymous nomad said... 3:23 am

How interesting! In today's local national daily propaganda sheet is an article datelined Paris which reads:

Bruni: How I hooked Sarkozy (and Dati didn't).

First Lady Carla Bruni taunted the country's most senior woman politician about her failure to seduce the President, an explosive new book reveals.

The former super-model pointed at a double bed in the Elysee Palace before turning to Justice Minister Rachida Dati (nice photo of her; and described later as "an exotic beauty from an impoverished North African background"), who is single, and snarled: "You'd have loved to occupy it, wouldn't you".

Bruni and Dati, a rising star in the government who is tipped to become France's first woman President, have since fallen out and no longer speak. [continues for half a page.......]

Fun and games all round. Handbags and garlic crushers at dawn, anyone?  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 9:20 pm

I'm with Verity. And Carla Bruni is so properly brought up (cf Mrs Brown photos for the difference) it is hard to think she has ever heard of Mrs Gove (though would be wholly charming on being introduced to her,)  

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