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A pointer from Singapore

From The Straits Times 29/3:

"....Singapore's winning bid for the 1978 Asian Games...Singapore never staged the Asiad, stunningly giving up the quadriennial games a year after the victory, in 1973, as the Government decided that priority was to be given to the construction of low-cost housing".

Doubtless the IOC would stamp its little foot if we followed this example, but it would seem that those sensible Singaporeans found a higher priority than paying for people to run round in circles and dealt with whatever the consequences were.

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Anonymous verity said... 1:14 pm

Lee Hsieng Loong is made of the same stern, pragmatic stuff as his father. His cabinet is also of siimilar quality to LKY's cabinet. They're in it out of a sense of duty, not glory. They will always put the wellbeing of Singapore first.

Gordon Brown is 100% opposite of the Lees. He's cowardly, weak, touchy and incompetent. Would he have the nerve to cancel the games? Are you kidding?

But then, neither would the deeply predictable and pedestrian David cameron. If ever a man lacked any discernible conviction, it's David Cameron.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:02 pm

I'm not sure Stratford could handle much more "affordable housing" but I agree with the sentiment. Perhaps a super-casino would be a more profitable enterprise for the Olympic site?  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 8:36 am

Who could cancel the London olympics? Would that be for the Westminster government or for the Mayor of London to do?

What has Boris said about he London games?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:39 am

Verity - Well, I live in hope.

JbG - Maybe not, but I would be quite happy to have a rebate on my council tax.

HG - I suspect it would be a matter for central government. Boris, alas, is in favour, but wants an eye kept on costs.  

Anonymous verity said... 1:49 pm

Boris's only good point is, he is lazy. That means if he gets in, he won't be busy holding meetings morning, noon and night, interfering with the citizenry.

The office of mayor should be put back to sleep for another hundred or more years. The boroughs can run themselves.  

Anonymous verity said... 1:59 pm

PS - with regard to the Olympics riff-raff and the Chinese paramilitaries, I note with pleasure that they will be making what I can only assume is a farewell appearance in San Francisco today.

The San Franciscans, in their inimitable way, have been gearing up for this. They've already hung giant Free Tibet signs on the Golden Gate Bridge and have a number of anti-Olympics festivities planned for the day.

For added excitement, we have the large Chinese community in San Francisco who are arming up to support the Chinese secret service/paramilitaries and support Beijing generally.

San Francisco never disappoints and I look forward to an entertaining day popping in to follow the fortunes of the torch on the net.  

Anonymous verity said... 2:41 pm

PS to my post above - they're already massing in SF! This should be good! Lots of real Tibetans who I am hoping will put their non-violent principles on the shelf for the day. I can't wait!!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:43 pm

SF being the place it is, I imagine the protests will not be lacking in the visually arresting.  

Anonymous zeno said... 7:30 am

I've got to agree with Verity. I visit Singapore frequently - in fact, I've just arrived back in the UK from one such visit. I'm constantly impressed by how Singapore just plain works: it's clean, safe, pleasant and family friendly.

Given that the UK and Spore now rank together in Privacy International's list of countries who watch their people, the option of moving to Singapore looks more inviting by the day.

I really don't mind giving up my 'right' to get pissed in public and threaten other people. Not if I can get a safe country, honest and effective government, economic well-being and sunshine.

Did I mention that everyone speaks English and the food is great?  

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