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Who to invite to the office Christmas party

I am indebted to Mr Eugenides, splendid fellow that he is, for spotting this, and thinking it was right up my street, which indeed it is.

The tale comes from Foreign Policy (shame it isn't Foreign Affairs, but hey and indeed ho...) and concerns its mullings on eligible bachelors and spinsters in the world of politics and government now that M Sarkozy is on the market.

That Sarko is available - for those who like pugnacious Frenchmen of restricted height - is fairly well known, as is the fact that no-one has tempted Condoleezza Rice into wedlock. I doubt she has lacked offers. Given that Sarkozy failed to take in anti-Americanism with his mother's milk, façon française, removes one prospective impediment, and Sarko has English and Rice French. I think they would make a lovely couple, although the Catho / Presbyterian split might be a problem.

Elsewhere, Foreign Policy notes the availability of Hugo Chavez (don't all rush at once) and the Socialist, if not that Socialist, president of Chile,
Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria. I can't see those two pairing off somehow. Before getting onto the main attraction as FP sees it, a quick mull on other unattached folk in politics:

Ségolène Royal - Very well preserved and undoubtedly easy on the eye, but something of an ideologue, and I imagine would not react well to any future break up. Paris Match, Ici Paris and even the British celebrity trash mags would doubtless dog her every step, poor woman.

Moving to matters municipal, the mayors of Paris, Berlin and Hamburg are all gay, but I have not been able to discover whether any or all are in LTRs.

I am struggling to think of anyone unattached in British politics, given that Fox, Brown, Hague and Kennedy all gave up bachelordom comparatively late in life.

The main man, as far as Foreign Policy is concerned is Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, the Dragon King of Bhutan. He is undeniably a handsome fellow, and has attracted legions of fans in Thailand in particular. He also has a degree from Magdalen.

Brief sidetrack for an all too probably apocryphal tale - way back lost in the mists of time, a relation of the Emperor of Japan was studying at either Oxford or Cambridge, prompting much controversy as one of the Emperor's titles was 'God', and the college was asked for a reaction: "We have many undergraduates with distinguished fathers".

So, the King has youth, looks and is an absolute ruler, which would doubtless make him appealing to avaricious social alpinists, and Bhutan does have some rather attractive scenery, but it is by no means a wealthy country and would seem to be lacking in nightlife, which might be off putting to some.
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Blogger Ed said... 9:08 am

Doesn't Condi still hold a candle for Jack? It's the least she could do, after all it was their relationship that had him "moved sideways".  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:11 am

There were rumours to that effect, were there not?  

Blogger Ed said... 10:06 am

They were doing their bit for US/UK relations. Who was the jealous one though? Tony or George?  

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