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The Olympics...

My loathing of the forthcoming open air steroid abuse festival is rivalled only by that which I have for Christmas, so I was a little surprised that the research on attitudes to the London Olympics was so positive at 76%.

However, it is usually worth drilling into the detail to see what is being whitewashed, and lo and behold, the underlying figures are just a little more complex.

Respondents were not offered the chance to be anything other than variations of pleased or unpleased, apart from the mouth-breathers who opted for 'don't know'. There was no 'neutral', 'don't care' etc etc. So, adding together quite pleased with quite unpleased, one ends up with a middle ground of 49% - not exactly the resounding support that Jowell is braying about. 38% are very / extremely pleased, or not much more than a third.

Here in London, where we actually have to pay for the wretched event, a clear majority (57%) reckon it will make no difference to our lives or make them worse. A slender majority (52%) see a similar impact on their area.

A heartening finding is that the Great British public is refusing to be bullied into getting off the couch: asked "whether will be encouraged to do more sport or physical activity than now as we get closer to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games", a resounding 80% said no, or they would do less (after all,'We can't all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by'). Similarly, the pious bromides about cultural activities and volunteering get the back of the hand treatment too: 75% and 86% respectively.

Naturally, no questions were asked about the cost of 2012, still less questions on value.

Anyway, here is the pay off paragraph in the report:

"People have generally heard both good and bad news about the London Games, though findings suggest that newspapers may be the main source of bad news. It seems that regarding the aims of hosting the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, people are most intereseted (sic) in, and positive about the creation of jobs, opportunities for business, and the involvement of young people in the community. People perhaps need more inspiration, belief and knowledge that other aims will be achieved".

So, stand by for lots of moaning from the government about the generally stout work being done by the Evening Standard, and a barrage of propaganda aimed at 'correcting' those in error.

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Blogger Sir James Badger said... 6:05 am

Sounding more like "correct" Chinese thinking every day. These Olympics will be a blight on London but by 2012, the face of what was once England will have irrevocably changed anyway.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:27 am

I think you'll find it already has....  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:40 am

I agree with you, C. I still don't know how LU will cope with the extra millions in passenger numbers. Did you see that a splendid period house, dating back to the C17, was yesterday demolished for the Olympics?

I note that you do not like Christmas. Fair enough. But I hope you buy the new Mrs. C. some lovely presents!  

Anonymous Sepoy Agent said... 4:08 pm

I knew you were a great man, Croydonian.
Just love your comments on Olympics.
I shall be at the forefront of those slouching on the sofa, not watching the boring sportfest, and moaning about the cost and the takeover of the TV stations.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:12 pm

SA - Very kind of you to say so.  

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