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Petition o' the day

NOT for what is being petitioned, but more who - apparently - is petitioning:

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Review fuel duty. In the light of ever increasing wholesale fuel prices, the detrimental effect of the dollar/ pound exchange rate and the increasing government revenue, the duty on fuel should now be reviewed".

A reasonable enough thing to petition on, if one forgets that the entire petitioning process is a colossal waste of time and ignored by the Prime Minister, but it was created by Brian Souter.

Who he? Well, the Brian Souter is CEO of Stagecoach, the transport company. Stagecoach the company does not make political donations, so there is no scope for making mock of how little the company having got such a poor deal for its money (no peerage, nothing..) that it is reduced to hanging out with the proles on a petition site that is little, if anything more than a stunt. However, Souter the man has given the SNP £500,000.

Always supposing etc etc, does Stagecoach allow its people to engage in political lobbying, or indeed to use the internet for personal reasons? Perhaps he will be getting a stern talking to from Personnel....

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:33 am

Your SNP link leads to a rant from Scottish gays (do you read that publication regularly?) but I seem to recall, although I cannot now find the reference, that Souter gave the SNP the cash (bribe?) for something transport related  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:45 am

Can't say it is a publication I read regularly, but it was the first reference I googled and I thought, 'well, why not?'  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:44 am

Ref my original comment: Found it:
SNP under attack after bus U-turn.

"The SNP yesterday denied dropping a commitment to bus re-regulation because it could hurt the interests of a major financial backer.

A commitment to re-regulate the bus network was made at the party's 2006 conference but it was not in the manifesto, published after Brian Souter, the owner of Stagecoach, donated £500,000 to the party."

How convenient! Sleaze already going strong in Scotland.....

Link here. Make of it what you will.

I once met Ann Gloag (several years ago). She boasted that she was (then) worth £1 million for every inch of her height. Probably now something like 10 times that!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:50 am

Anon - thanks for that. Someone very close to me has a mother who was at school with La Gloag.  

Blogger Ian said... 12:51 pm

I think you are being unfair to Mr Souter, he is only acting in the interests of the travelling public, I am sure he would immediately pass on any reduced transport costs instead of claiming a whopping big profit for his companies.  

Blogger Sir James Badger said... 3:16 pm

the entire petitioning process is a colossal waste of time

And what people fail to realize is that you're now on record, which was the point in the first place.  

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