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A delusional nation

Or so a Eurobarometer survey would suggest.

The survey is focused on medical and health research, and is pretty dull in itself, but includes some amusing (or rather downright dishonest, I think) responses to this question:

"For each of the following topics, please tell me if you are very interested, fairly interested, not very interested, or not at all interested".

It offers the following, which I have put into alpha:

  • Art and literature
  • Celebrities and entertainment
  • Economic and social matters
  • European and international news
  • Home and gardening
  • Medical and health research
  • Nature and the environment
  • Science and technology
  • Sports and outdoor activities

Bearing in mind that the highest circulating magazines cover TV listings, entertainment & celebs etc, the high circulating papers spend three months a year focused on the activities of a series of half wits cooped up in a house / TV studio and sport routinely attracts high TV ratings, it would be reasonable to guess that 'Celebrities and entertainment' and 'sports and outdoor activities' would top the table. But no, those of my compatriots polled came up with the following preferences for that which interests them:

  • Nature and the environment 87
  • Medical and health research 78
  • Sports and outdoor activities 73
  • Home and gardening 71
  • Economic and social matters 67
  • European and international news 67
  • Science and technology 62
  • Art and literature 58

And bottom of the heap:
  • Celebrities and entertainment 43
Yeah, right.

Meanwhile, it is the Maltese who are most likely to admit to following Tinseltown and the like (66%), whereas those achingly high-minded Spaniards (the people who inflicted Hola / Hello! upon a blameless world) and the volk of what was East Germany claim 68/69% uninterest.

Meanwhile, the Hellenes are most likely to say yes to 'read any good books lately?' with their 73% claim of interest in the arts etc, while a good place to escape the Olympics and the like would appear to be Romania - 50% are interested in sport etc, and 47% are not, and a clearly confused 3% just do not know.

More later, perhaps.

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Anonymous the Northern Rock said... 4:49 pm

Blameless world, sir?


Blogger Croydonian said... 4:52 pm

OK, maybe not blameless, but what had anyone done to deserve 'Hello!' and all of the copycat titles that have followed?  

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