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Now that's what I call a PPB

Not sure how this has been aired / distributed in France other than youtube style, but it is worth watching even if your French is non-existent.

Back in '93 some nutter using the alias 'human bomb' took nursery children hostage in a school in Neuilly, of which our man Sarko was the mayor, and he negotiated with the scumbag to good effect, shall we say. Quite the thing to have on one's CV.

Anyway, enjoy:

Sarkozy Human Bomb

The music is from 'Gladiator', I think


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Anonymous Finn MacCool said... 12:10 pm

Erm - there's no picture. Interesting tho that Sharko is also an Ace Hostage Negotiator.

Re Irish Greens - 5 of their TDs are in Doblin/B.a.C. Like the Brit-Greens, they barely exist in the actual green stuff. Apart from the usual waffle about ill-defined social justice & exclusion sociale, on their English-only website, there's lirally nada about cars, or indeed any mention of the country being in any way preferable to the Dublin Metro area. Op da Repoblic.  

Blogger Reliapundit said... 12:30 pm

very cool!  

Blogger Guthrum said... 3:54 pm


Blogger L.Vorzheva said... 6:30 pm

Yes, the music is from Gladiator.

And considering the circumstances, you can bet he is similar...  

Blogger Mr Eugenides said... 7:51 pm

That's absolutely brilliant. Cameron can only dream....  

Blogger james higham said... 8:11 pm

Guthrum has a nice addendum to this.  

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