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Quango moves into the gardening advice business

The Consumer Council for Water's tireless championing of the consumer continues. The quango which seems to do everything but promote the interests of consumers has moved from household water saving tips to gardening advice. Yes, really.

Here is the ne plus ultra: "Reduce water loss through evaporation by protecting the garden from wind - fences and hedges will do the job well".

Consider even a postage stamp sized urban garden. Is there anyone who in order to bring a thin smile to the lips of 'Dame' Yve Buckland would fork out for a selection of fence panels in order to reduce water evaporation? If there are any such, I think they deserve to be bracketed with the idiot super patriot who willed his entire estate to the state for making a small hole in the national debt.

And there is, naturally, more. Much more:

Cover over with a mulch to keep water in and weeds out.

Yet again the water industry's catamite demands that the consumer be the cost avoider.

Consider also the garden fence etc conversations across the land over this one: "Consider making more use of plants which cope well with dry weather, like geraniums, lavenders and kitchen herbs".

I am looking forward to the Chelsea Flower Show being slammed by the CCW for use of moisture hungry plants...


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Anonymous verity said... 2:57 pm

If there weren't around 1.5m new immigrants into Britain, there would be no water shortage.

One more reason for mass reverse immigration.  

Blogger james higham said... 5:55 pm

Verity has always had an interesting outlook on events.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 10:05 pm

send 'em all back to Mexico I say!  

Anonymous verity said... 11:21 pm

Let us not be naive, CU.

Only the dregs of muslim countries try to get into the United Kingdom

Most (Christian) Mexicans don't want to go to get into the US. The "illegals" are the lowest of the low. Most Mexicans are very pleased to be living in Mexico.

The way most British, once, were very pleased to be living in Britain, before we all booked one-way tickets out.

Many "Mexicans" crossing the Rio Grande are Guatamalans and other people from Central America who have been transported through Mexico by coyotes. You didn't know that, did you?  

Anonymous verity said... 11:24 pm

My point, which I lost track of due to a pretty dreadful Mexican white wine is, Mexicans don't migrate to the old world. They don't even go to Spain.

I hate false equivalencies.  

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