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Brown rumbled

His wrecking of the pensions system, in the full knowledge of the consequences of his actions, leads in the 'graph, The Times and the Mail (judging from the front pages shown at the Sky site). I cannot see anything at the BBC site, and leave readers to draw their own conclusions. The Daily Star considers to divorce of a fading pop star more important.

This should prove the silver bullet that puts the Kirkcaldy Werewolf out of our misery once and for all, but I would not count on it, alas. And with that, I'm off out to help choose a GLA candidate for Croydon (and Sutton). A full report later.

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Blogger Guthrum said... 9:24 am

that and the shatt Al Arab incident which I predict will still be going on by the May elections- considering that the first Brown budget was ten years ago- it says a lot about the quality of HM loyal opposition that this is only now coming to light.  

Anonymous nick drew said... 3:48 pm

Guth, you are right, I have said it before and ...

Osborne Must Go  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:55 pm

No disagreement here. Hague would fit the bill rather well I think.  

Anonymous verity said... 4:15 pm

We haven't heard anything about Blair's dicky heart recently. Surely - please God - it hasn't been cured? Please don't take a ray of sunshine out of my life!

Surely the stress of making bold announcements to the media like, "We have written a letter to Iran" must be taking its toll?

Britain is already a cog in a federalist state - the conquest having taken place without the consent of the British people, nor, in effect, their knowledge of what was being done to them - and it would be far better, under these circumstances, to be in a federalist state with a democratic tradition - the United States.

Dave and his cabinet would still run Britain, as all the governors are the chief executive officers of their states, but we would be playing a role as members of the most democratic and powerful country in the world.

To suggest that Britain can go it alone against the might of a Sovietesque EUSSR by exercising our "democratic rights' under it is ridiculous. For some reason I don't understand - someone may have some suggestions - no British politician is going to take us out of the labyrinthine, illegitimate grasp of Europe. And all the lefties are going to back the status quo insisting that Britain "cannot go it alone".

OK, then let's apply to go it with the United States. Over the five or six or 10 years it would take to get approved, the grotesque nature of the EUSSR will become increasingly apparent. But we would have our ticket out.  

Anonymous this guy said... 4:38 pm

Re BBC - this was the 2nd story on the 5 o'clock news on BBC 24. It's a myth that the Beeb is crudely biased. If it were so obvious, even the Tory party might notice. & freeze their exorbitant licence fee.  

Anonymous nomad said... 5:12 pm

Verity, well said. In fact your last sentence says it all - which I suspect is why we, and a great many others, no longer choose to live in that poor benighted country.  

Anonymous bluetop said... 10:26 am

Verity's comment reminds me of the saying that London used to be a part of Middlesex and now Middlesex is a part of London  

Anonymous verity said... 7:46 pm

Nomad - I believe something like 3.5m British have emigrated since Blair got in. That is either people on pensions - I don't know the percentage - or people who are qualified and have been granted the right to settle in other countries.

What has come into Britain - around 600,000 a year, is flotsam and jetsom, in the main, so to speak. This includes first cousins from Pakistani villages for purposes of incestuous marriages.

I tried to check the figures at Migrationwatch.uk but the site is not very well organised.

Tony Blair: Out. Gordon Brown: Out. EU: Out. (I am confident that if we lead the way, several other countries will follow.)  

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