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Let them eat cake. The EU dimension

In a new, and by its standards, fairly harmless departure, the EU has branched out into offering cake recipes on its website. Yes, really.

This somewhat half-baked idea would appear to have been cooked up by the German foreign office. And what is more, "With the support of the German federal confectioners and bakers associations, the European birthday cakes will be on sale throughout Germany until 25 May 2007. A poster advertising the campaign will be displayed in participating bakeries and cake shops".

Isn't that nice?

The British contributions are hot cross buns and eccles cakes. Naturally the weights and measures are only given in metric, although it does deign to include Fahrenheit and a gas mark number. Further digging suggests that the French, Italian and Estonian (inter alia) cakes need only the power of thought to appear on one's table, as no cooking instructions are given. Or maybe the recipes count as state secrets? Who is to know?

And whereas all other countries are only allowed two cakes, the Belgians get three - Brussels waffles (snigger) , doughnuts, and Geraardsbergen matte cakes

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Blogger Alan said... 6:00 pm

What, no Schwarzwalder Kirsch or Viennese Sacher Torte ? Shame on them !


Blogger Alan said... 6:03 pm

OK, they have both, but NOT under their proper names. Sachen FLAN indeed - what do they think that is, a Brussels cake ?


Blogger james higham said... 6:14 pm

This somewhat half-baked idea...

Your turn of phrase, Mr Croydonian, sir, your turn of phrase!

By the way, you just missed the bag-nav story. How was your trip?  

Anonymous Verity said... 6:40 pm

Why not Dundee Cake? Why not Christmas pudding?

God, these people are so stupid.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:42 pm

Can't say that my knowledge of cakes and the like is that extensive, so I will leave those issues to the experts.

James - wondered if anyone would pick up on that. Am I going straight to Hell? Off site jaunt was good, by the way.  

Blogger Newmania said... 6:57 pm

And C rushes into the fray with a startling cake related revelation.
Are there many layers to this C ?

Oh I wonder where HG is (innocent whistle) , could it be that she is lurking in her own new blog where she has outed herself as a Left of Centre something or other ,( Just thinking aloud),.Coo I wonder what Verity would make of that.


I was a bit surprised I must say  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:02 pm

Indeed Mr N, there are many layers and however one slices it, the thoughts of my comment makers are, naturally, the icing on it.  

Blogger Cranmer said... 7:32 pm

His Grace is somewhat surprised they are permitting hot cross buns, lest any Mohammedans be offended...  

Anonymous verity said... 7:36 pm

Anyway, I thought it was "Let them eat brioches!"  

Blogger dearieme said... 7:47 pm

"The British contributions are hot cross buns and eccles cakes." Really should have included Battenberg cakes.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:40 pm

Your Grace - indeed. And I have been led to believe that eccles *might* be short for 'ecclesiastical', or so my mother has led me to consider.

V - Yes, I believe it was 'brioche' rather than 'gateau', and M-A meant it kindly: give same to the peasants, rather than it being a rather poor taste joke.

Dearieme - Excellent.  

Blogger gitanodemurcia said... 9:40 pm

Not discussing Mr crook Paul Wolfowitz?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:55 pm

GdM - Old, and has been done elsewhere.  

Anonymous Mr R said... 10:47 pm

The people who put this list together are typical eu numpties - they don't know what they are talking about. One of the Italian entries is tiramisu. This is not a cake. A desert yes, but no way is it a cake. The French will be angry - no bad thing but anyway - that the glorious tart tatin is referred to as a flan with apples. And I'm sure we could do better than Eccles Cakes and Hot Crossed Buns.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 2:13 pm

Im more of a fan of Chorley cakes rather than Eccles cakes.
Nothing wrong with a big slab of fruitcake .
I highly reccomend these people for all your cake needs.


Anonymous verity said... 5:13 pm

What a shame that not everyone had Croydonian's foresight to ban John Hirst pre-emptively. He's infesting Beltoday's site now and I am going to leave. And it's such an interesting,elegant site!  

Anonymous Mr R said... 6:52 pm

Hitch - an excellent choice. yea at Betty's is a wondefull experience.  

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